It's been a busy summer!


I made a pincushion to swap! The Houston Modern Quilt Guild is swapping with the Emerald Coast Modern Quilt Guild. I should be getting mine at this month's meeting.


One of my favorite friends let me use her long arm machine. It was magical.

Sewing Machine Mini

I also made a sewing machine mini to swap at HMQG. I think I need to make another one for myself!

sew together bag

Sew Together Bag

A friend of mine talked me into joining a sew-along.

Sew Together Bag

I absolutely LOVE whatever this print is that I used on the outside. Seriously.

Sew Together Bag

And it's got so many zippers! I think inside the pouches is the same pink as the binding. I like the insides of my bags to be solid for some reason. Helps me see what's in there, I guess!

jelly roll race

Jelly Roll Race Quilt

I finally finished a quilt! Woohoo! This jelly roll race quilt top has been sitting around for almost two years now... oops! I even started quilting it over six months ago, but I got frustrated after breaking three needles in a row and sat it aside for a bit. Okay, more than a bit.

Jelly Roll Race Quilt Quilting

But now it's done! I did some fun loops going across each strip of the quilt. This pattern would have been a lot easier on a longarm machine, but I managed on my little home machine.

Jelly Roll Race Quilt Back

I used a fun hombre print for the backing, and bound it in some Kona Cerise, which I love. So glad to be able to call this one done!

open wide zipper pouch

Open Wide Zippered Pouch

The Houston Modern Quilt Guild did a "small items" swap in March. I'm still new there, so I thought I'd finally join in on a swap this time! I like making bags and pouches but don't feel like I get to enough, so I decided to try out the Noodlehead Open Wide Zipper Pouch this time.

Open Wide Zippered Pouch

It turned out pretty cute! I really love the bright gold on the inside. It's a nice surprise!

Open Wide Zippered Pouch

This was a fun pattern to make, and I think I'll revisit it in the future. It was very easy to understand and follow!

woodlands sampler

I finally finished my woodlands sampler!

Completed Woodlands Sampler

I meant to use the 2013 pattern for the final block, since I did most of my stitching in that year, but after re-doing the border again, I used the wrong pattern for the second time. I certainly didn't want to do it a third time, so 2014 it is!

Completed Woodlands Sampler

I really love how this whole thing turned out. Each block is fun and speaks so well to the month it represents.

Completed Woodlands Sampler

The next challenging part is going to be framing it, as it is quite an unusual size. I've been procrastinating on framing most of my recent cross-stitch finishes, so it's time for me to get started!

a birthday pig

Paper-Pieced Pig

One of my good friends had a birthday recently, so I Pinterest-stalked her, found this adorable paper-pieced pig that she had pinned, and new that it was exactly what I wanted to make for her. So here's how it turned out! Too cute, right?

Paper-Pieced Pig

He's got a little curly embroidered tail, but don't tell him how much the quilting looks like bacon. He may not be too happy about that. This was my first mini quilt too, so I'm really excited about that! I included triangles in the corners on the back for hanging like this. I am happy to report that she loved it!

The paper-pieced pattern is from Bubblestitch, and she has a ton of other really cute animals too. I'm thinking I really need a paper-pieced squirrel on my wall. For real.

feathers top

Feathers Quilt Top

I finished my Feathers quilt-along top! Woohoo! The paper is still on the back of each block, which is why it looks a little ripply at the moment. I'm not looking forward to tearing all that paper off, that's for sure! I think I know how I want to quilt it, though, so I should probably get started on that.

Feathers Quilt Top 2

All in all, this was a pretty fun quilt to put together. I'm not sure that I'd do another full quilt that requires paper piecing thanks to the work it takes to rip all of the paper off, but who knows. I'll probably forget all that trouble and do it again anyway. Especially for something like these fun stars!

improv-stripped flying geese

February do. Good Stitches

This month for the Imagine Circle at do. Good Stitches we were asked to create four improv-stripped flying geese in warm yellows, browns, and creams with a solid red triangle using this tutorial. These were really easy and fun to make - this is going to be a gorgeous quilt! By the way, isn't that hexagon print to die for? I think I got it in a scrap pack at some point, and I don't know what it is, but I want more!