I made money again! Woohoo! I forgot to take a picture of what I bought, but it was:

2 Bic Comfort Advance Disposable Razors, 4.99 with $4 ECB each, with a $2 coupon each = profit of $1 each (I had two more coupons and the limit was 4, but I could only find the two after going to three different stores. I shouldn't have waited until 10am!).
4 SoyJoy bars, $4 total with $4 EBC, and two B1G1 free coupons = profit of $2.

That was it for the profit stuff. I also grabbed some soda:

4 12-packs of Dr. Pepper for $12 with $3 ECB = $2.25 each.

So, overall, pretty good!