I have finally started a blog! At first I wasn’t sure what I would write about, but there are a few things that I think will be interesting to read about. First, I have been learning how to drastically cut our grocery bill while still eating mostly healthy. I shop a lot at CVS for toiletries and other random things and get a ton of free things that we either stock up on or donate to charity, which is TONS of fun (who doesn’t like free stuff?). Secondly, I am on a journey to be a healthier person, so I think I will write about the things I learn and do along the way. Thirdly, I am trying my hand at gardening for the first time, and I am really excited about growing my own vegetables. I’m not sure how many seasons it will take for me to get good at it, but I am willing to experiment and can’t wait to harvest my first bit of food! Anyways, I hope that this will be interesting to everyone and that hopefully everyone will also learn how to buy free and cheap stuff along with me! And, of course, I will include plenty of pictures of our adorable puppies. Please feel free to comment on anything!
  • YAY! You started a blog…I am excited to read all your fun entries that have yet to be posted!