Wow, was this a good week at CVS. I made money! Here's how it broke down:

5 GUM Toothbrush 2-packs: 3.99 with 3.99 ECB each, had 0.75 coupon = .75 profit
2 Brach's Candy Corn, 1.29 with 1.29 ECB each = free
1 Just For Men Touch of Gray, 7.99 with 7.99 ECB, had 2.00 coupon, and 8.00 mail-in-rebate (MIR) = 2.00 profit + 8.00 MIR
1 Powerade, 1.69 with 1.69 ECB = free
2 Excedrin Extra Strength, 1.99 each, had 2 2.00 coupons = free
1 Colgate Maxfresh, 2.99 with 2.00 ECB, had 1.00 coupon = free

I paid about $4 out of pocket and ended up with a $7 extra in ECB, which totals to a profit of $3 with a $8 MIR, totalling a profit of $11!!!. Holy cow! It isn't usual for me to make this much money, especially to make $10 off a box of hair dye. I definitely had help from BeCentsAble with internet coupons and the MIR; without those I would have only made $0.75. We're only going to keep the candy, Powerade, and Excedrin, and donate the rest to charity. I found a food pantry in Round Rock that also takes toiletries, so it's a good way to pass on my good savings.
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  • That’s amazing. I was reading an article the other day on how to be green and save money and this website came up: I thought you might be interested in it, it’s a free trading network. :)

  • I’ve actually seen this before, but it’s been a while since I’ve looked at it. It’s a pretty neat idea!