Mom and I went shopping again this morning and found a bunch of fabrics. I picked up a couple of scraps from Walmart for a buck each. I'm not sure what I am going to do with these... maybe Christmas coasters and I'm not sure what with the A&M fabric. I just couldn't pass it up.

I got this lovely assortment of fabrics for a bunch of different projects, including a few purses, pincushions, headbands, and who knows what else. I'm excited about making everything. I started a pincushion tonight and it's not quite square like it is supposed to be, but by the end I don't think it will be too noticable. Besides, I know I will only get better with practice.

My mom got me this absolutely adorable sewing basket for an early Christmas present. There is a big assortment at JoAnn fabrics, so if you wait to get a 40% off coupon, it is a good purchase!
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Thank you thank you thank you Beth! Beth gave me her old sewing machine and I got it up and running this weekend. I went to JoAnn Fabrics on Friday morning to get my startup tools; I got everything I needed plus 7 patterns for only $30! Thank goodness for sales (50% off everything, 99 cent patterns) and a 20% off coupon. My first project - napkins! I've been wanting cloth napkins for a while; who wants to keep buying napkins every month? I found a nice tan fabric (Mom, what kind was it again?) that doesn't wrinkle, doesn't have a front or back side, and is great for everyday napkins. I ended up getting 6 napkins out of a yard (three 18" and three 15"). The first few lines ended up a little wiggly (haha) but sewing definitely came back to me quickly. Guess it's like riding a bike. I'm really excited about all the different projects I can do now.

One of the first will be more napkins, and hopefully a table runner. I found this deep red/maroon fabric on clearance at JoAnn fabrics for $2/yard, and it also doesn't wrinkle or have a front/back. This will be our first holiday table linens, and Brian even likes the colors and fabrics!
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For our salad for Thanksgiving dinner, I cut some lettuce from the garden. I even found some caterpillars on it (yes, I washed them off)! Now I know what was eating holes in it. Guess I need to find an organic bug killer, unless someone knows how to get rid of caterpillars.
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Yesterday I decided to pull out an onion and a garlic bulb to see how they were doing. They aren't ready yet! The garlic has formed a bulb but it is tiny, and the onions haven't even started to swell yet. Looks like I won't have any before it gets cold. We are going to eat some lettuce from the garden today, though! And the rosemary in the water glass died. I will just have to buy a plant in the spring and get a big pot to put it in so that it doesn't take over the garden. HEB has rosemary shaped like a Christmas tree; I might get that one. It's so cute!
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I got SO much stuff today! Well, most of it last night at midnight. The best part is, I made a profit! Here's what I got (and all of this is still on sale, so you can go get some):

2 Colgate Total Toothpastes, regularly 3.89, on sale for 2.99, two 1.50 coupons and one CVS 1.00 coupon and 2.99 ECBs = $4 profit
2 Loreal Lipgloss, regularly 8.19, on sale for 6.99, one 1.00 coupon and 6.99 ECBs = $1 profit
1 Sally Hansen nail polish, regularly 4.29, on sale for 3.79 with 3.79 ECBs = free
1 Covergirl Smoother powder, regularly 5.99, one 1.00 coupon and 5.99 ECBs = $1 profit
1 Covergirl Smoother foundation, regularly 7.99, one 1.00 coupon and 7.99 ECBs = $1 profit
1 Hershey's king-size bar, regularly 1.59, on sale for 1.00 with 1.00 ECB = free
2 Aussie shampoo/conditioners, regularly 4.39, on sale for 2.99 with two 1.00 coupons and 2.99 ECBs = $2 profit
2 Bic Soleil razors, regularly 6.99, on sale for 5.99 with two $3 coupons and 5.99 ECBs = $6 profit
1 Johnson & Johnson lotion, regularly 5.99, on sale for 5.69 with 1.00 coupon and 5.69 ECBs = $1 profit
2 Phillips headphones, regularly 9.99, on sale for 6.99 with 6.99 ECBs = free
1 Energy shot drink, regularly 5.99, on sale for 3.99 with 3.99 ECBs = free
1 Garnier face towlettes, regularly 5.99 with 1.00 coupon and 5.99 ECBs = $1 profit
3 Gatorades, regularly 1.49 with one 1.00 coupon off two and 1.49 ECBs = $1 profit
2 Playtex tampons, regularly 4.99, on sale for 3.99 with two 1.00 coupons and 3.00 ECBs = free
2 Schick Quattro razors, regularly 11.49, on sale for 7.99 with one 2.00 coupon and 6.00 ECBs = $2
2 All laundry detergents, regularly 7.49, B1G1 free, one 1.00 and one 0.40 coupon = $6.09
One $4 off a $20 beauty purchase CVS coupon
One $5 off a $30 purchase CVS coupon

Overall, that adds up to $25 profit - $6.09 for the All = ~$19.00 profit. And with the bucks I started with, I only paid about $2.50 out of pocket! Now I have $39.50 in ECB's to spend. Definitely the best CVS trip ever!!
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This was a slow week at CVS, but Black Friday is coming up and is going to be the best shopping day ever. This week I got:

2 Complete contact solution, regularly 9.49 each, on sale for 8.99 each with 8.99 ECBs = free
2 Maybelline mineral liquid foundation, 8.99 each, one $3 coupon and 8.99 ECBs each = profit of $3
1 newspaper

So overall I made a profit again! Very exciting. But just wait until Friday. I need to see what time the 24 CVS opens with Thanksgiving, but it looks like my mom and I will go late Thursday night (assuming they are open) to get everything. We're going to make a profit of at least $10, along with getting a ton of good stuff. I can't wait!!!
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A while ago, Dr. Pepper said that if Guns 'n' Roses released their 17 years-in-the-making album, Chinese Democracy, in 2008, they would give everyone in America a free Dr. Pepper. The album came out yesterday, and I forgot to sign up for the free drink, but they extended it until 6pm today because their web page is going so slowly. :) So go to the Dr. Pepper website and sign up for a free drink!
I won again! UPS delivered a surprise package yesterday. This time it was only a shirt (XL, so I can't even wear it), one of 2000 first prizes for a sweepstake. But I feel like I'm getting closer; at least I am getting drawn for things. Now I'm just waiting for the phone call for a car.....
I won another sweepstakes prize! Two, actually. Last week I won a kid's Christmas book worth $6 that I'll donate to charity. But I also won a $50 giftcard to BP for gas! Yay! It came in the mail and I didn't even see the envelope until yesterday. It couldn't have come at a better time!

And on a side note, Saturday I decided it would be fun to fall down the stairs, and I hurt my foot again. It's still pretty swollen, so I'm going to the doctor and getting x-rays, and we'll see what happens. I really hope that I don't need surgery and/or a cast. But I did get a really awesome bruise on my arm that I'm showing everyone. I'll try to take a picture to put up; it's nice and colorful. :)
This week was good for free stuff, but it wasn't things that I usually buy. I got:

1 Loreal AgePerfect Tinted Moisturizer, 15.99, with $1 coupon and 15.99 ECB's = profit of $1
4 Glade candles, 2.50 each, with two $1.50 off two coupons and 5 ECB's = $2
4 Glade GlassScents, 2.50 each, with two B1G1 free coupons and 5 ECB's = free
1 Xantrex energy drink, 4.99 with 4.99 ECB's = free
1 Newspaper

I had a $5 off of $30 CVS coupon, which gave me a total profit of $4 before the newspaper. I only paid $1.12 out of pocket - I paid in change! Now I have around $30 in ECB's to spend next week and on Black Friday (that is going to be the best CVS day EVER). The candles smell pretty good too!
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