Five times a year I get a free magazine from Kraft that has simple recipes and fun cooking ideas. They tend to be super easy and inexpensive, both of which are very important for us right now. We made Creamy Chicken Skillet with Stuffing a few days ago, and overall it was good, but the chicken still seemed plain. I was wondering if anyone has easy ideas on how to jazz it up a bit (spices maybe?). We used peas and green beans for the vegetables (which were free after coupons), and Brian wants to switch the cream of broccoli soup for cream of mushroom soup (I didn't realize the extent of his dislike of broccoli!), but other than that, I'm not sure what to do. And on a side note, I found an archive of all of the magazines for the last 6 years (Spring '08 has the cupcakes I made for book club a while back). I'm sure somewhere on the page is a way to sign up to get them in the mail if you are interested.
  • Yikes – they don’t even tell you to salt and pepper the chicken before searing it! I would strongly recommend salting (kosher salt is my favorite, and it’s cheap. . .iodized table salt doesn’t season as effectively and true to taste as kosher) and peppering both sides of the chicken breasts, adding a touch of olive oil to the pan, waiting until it’s fairly hot and searing the chicken on both sides until golden brown. I also like to pound chicken breasts so that they’re even all the way across so that they cook through at the same rate (and you also end up seasoning more of the chicken which ends up tasting better). You don’t get those rubbery ends that way. The thinner you pound it, the less time it takes to sear and cook through.

    Other than that, I think the recipe sounds ok – I may add garlic to veggies to up the taste and health value (you could always add some chili powder too to make it have a bit of a kick)! Hope that helps.