This week was good for free stuff, but it wasn't things that I usually buy. I got:

1 Loreal AgePerfect Tinted Moisturizer, 15.99, with $1 coupon and 15.99 ECB's = profit of $1
4 Glade candles, 2.50 each, with two $1.50 off two coupons and 5 ECB's = $2
4 Glade GlassScents, 2.50 each, with two B1G1 free coupons and 5 ECB's = free
1 Xantrex energy drink, 4.99 with 4.99 ECB's = free
1 Newspaper

I had a $5 off of $30 CVS coupon, which gave me a total profit of $4 before the newspaper. I only paid $1.12 out of pocket - I paid in change! Now I have around $30 in ECB's to spend next week and on Black Friday (that is going to be the best CVS day EVER). The candles smell pretty good too!
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    Duracell batteries were on sale. I got two 2 packs of 9 volt and two 8 packs of AA. $5.99ea = $23.96 At the register they had coupons, $5.00 off of 2 pkgs which is $10.00 off plus $15.00 bonus bucks. So I made $1.04.

  • Wow, I didn’t see that coupon! I only had the one from the paper which was 75 cents off of one, so I couldn’t make money. Great find!