This was a slow week at CVS, but Black Friday is coming up and is going to be the best shopping day ever. This week I got:

2 Complete contact solution, regularly 9.49 each, on sale for 8.99 each with 8.99 ECBs = free
2 Maybelline mineral liquid foundation, 8.99 each, one $3 coupon and 8.99 ECBs each = profit of $3
1 newspaper

So overall I made a profit again! Very exciting. But just wait until Friday. I need to see what time the 24 CVS opens with Thanksgiving, but it looks like my mom and I will go late Thursday night (assuming they are open) to get everything. We're going to make a profit of at least $10, along with getting a ton of good stuff. I can't wait!!!
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  • So I think I remember seeing that you had picked up some diabetes related items at CVS for free (or close to free) on one of your trips and donated them to charity? . . . if you happen to come across anything like that again, would you let me know? One of the guys that Jason is helping to get off the street has some pretty severe diabetes and might be able to use that stuff!

    Good luck on Black Friday – I will be staying as far away from retail as I possibly can that day (except for maybe the internet sales!)!