I won another sweepstakes prize! Two, actually. Last week I won a kid's Christmas book worth $6 that I'll donate to charity. But I also won a $50 giftcard to BP for gas! Yay! It came in the mail and I didn't even see the envelope until yesterday. It couldn't have come at a better time!

And on a side note, Saturday I decided it would be fun to fall down the stairs, and I hurt my foot again. It's still pretty swollen, so I'm going to the doctor and getting x-rays, and we'll see what happens. I really hope that I don't need surgery and/or a cast. But I did get a really awesome bruise on my arm that I'm showing everyone. I'll try to take a picture to put up; it's nice and colorful. :)
  • It was a weekend of hurting ourselves it seems! I’m so sorry you hurt your foot! I hope that it’s just a sprain and that it feels better soon!