Yesterday I decided to pull out an onion and a garlic bulb to see how they were doing. They aren't ready yet! The garlic has formed a bulb but it is tiny, and the onions haven't even started to swell yet. Looks like I won't have any before it gets cold. We are going to eat some lettuce from the garden today, though! And the rosemary in the water glass died. I will just have to buy a plant in the spring and get a big pot to put it in so that it doesn't take over the garden. HEB has rosemary shaped like a Christmas tree; I might get that one. It's so cute!
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  • That’s how all our onions looked last year too. :) They never did grow. We have one of the Christmas tree-shaped rosemary bushes too. And when we moved to our new house, the previous owner had put in rosemary in the flower beds. We’ve got tons, but somehow I’ve never remembered to use it for cooking. :)