Today is Veteran's Day, and I just want to say thank you to all of those who have served in our nation's military. If you know anyone who has, take the time today to call them and say thank you. Brian does this every year, and it is a great example to follow.

On a side note, I finally got The Time Traveler's Wife from the library yesterday, and I am excited to get into it. I forgot how huge it is! I'm going to have to take some time this weekend to read so that I will be done by next Friday. I've read about 20 pages so far, and it looks to be a great read. I just finished The Lace Reader, and I liked it. It was not what I expected, but was still good, and a very easy read.
  • You know, I don’t think I actually KNOW any Veteran’s. No one in my family has served (that I know of). That’s a great idea though, to call them and thank them.

    I love the Time Traveler’s Wife. It’s probably one of my favorite books. I started it on Wednesday and finished it yesterday so it won’t take you long. It’s a hard book to put down. :)