P&G has had coupons that you can upload onto your membership card for Kroger. Unfortunately, there aren't any Krogers in the Austin area (that I know of). However, they just added Randalls to their program! Now you can go to their webpage, upload coupons to your Randalls card, and you don't need to bring any coupons with you. The coupons automatically get credited to your purchase when you buy the correct items. The only downfalls are that you can only use each coupon once (so if you buy two of the same item, only one coupon will be credited), and it won't get doubled or tripled, which Randalls does with paper coupons. So if your coupon is for less than or equal to 50 cents, or if you want to use more than one, bring them from the newspaper, but if not, then just get it uploaded!