I didn't get to stay for very long, but for our craft day on Monday, I shortened the length of the purse I made a week ago. I'm not much of a long-length purse; I like it to be close to me so that I can keep an eye on it! I also thought about putting a small button on the inside pocket, but instead made a basic little card holder (of my own design!) separate from the purse. I keep my store membership cards (Blockbuster, Randall's)/restaurant punch cards/library cards, etc. in here. I'm bad about forgetting them when I go somewhere, so it's better for me to keep them on me, and this way they can't fall out of the inside pocket. It was pretty exciting to make up my own pattern; I played with it for a while, and made one that turned out terrible, but then made a second one in about five minutes, learning from my first mistakes. I might keep working on it and write up a pattern for it (and a couple similar, since I had some ideas to make it different), if there isn't anything too similar already out there. Does anyone know if there already is a free pattern available that is the same? I still have a bunch of different projects that I want to sew, so I hope to find some time later in the month!
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  • I’m so glad you could join us! :)

    I haven’t looked for patterns like you’re describing, but you should check on free needle. . . there may be something there!

  • I am so glad you could come too! Your little card holder was so cute and I loved that it was just perfect to match your bag!