Wow, this post is really late! Last Sunday at CVS I got:

2 Colgate Total, regularly 3.89, on sale for 2.99, with two $1.50 coupons and $2 ECBs each = $1.02 profit
1 SleepMD, on sale for 7.99 with 7.99 ECBs = free
1 EaRinse, on sale for 9.99 with 9.99 ECBs = free
1 Nova Max blood glucose monitor, regularly 59.99, on sale for 9.99 with 9.99 ECBs = free
2 9-volt Duracell batteries, on sale for 2.99 each, with two .75 coupons and a $5 CVS tearoff coupon = $0.52 profit
2 newspapers

This ended up with getting one paper for free and paying for the second. Also at Walgreens some candy was on sale for .99, and I had two $1.50 coupons, so I bought two and a gallon of milk and only paid $2.19 total.

Just a heads up - this Sunday at CVS there are 37 things you can get for free after ECBs (before coupons). Check out to see everything. If I can get everything, I should be making a $20 profit, which will help me buy newspapers and milk for the next few weeks. Now I just have to decide if I should go at midnight or wait until 6 am......
  • Pretty amazing!

    Do you have plans for the glucose monitor? Rick (Jason’s homeless friend who is diabetic) might be able to get some good use out of it!

  • Its plan is to go to Jason! If you want it before the next book club/craft day, let me know and we can meet up!

  • Awesome – thank you Jenn!

    I think the best thing would be to just drop it by Jason’s office. Rick was just in the hospital for his diabetes, so sooner than later seems to make sense to me. Jason will be at his office tomorrow and Monday-Wednesday of next week. . . He’ll go see the homeless folk on Tuesday during lunch if you wanted to tag along. . .