So I've already made three more things this week. I forgot how much fun sewing is!

The first thing I made is a pincushion using Heather Bailey's free Square Deal Pincushion pattern. It's not exactly a square (haha), but it still looks good. And I still have the pink pins that I bought for the bouquets for my wedding, so now I get to use those when I sew!

The second thing I made was a headband from some scrap fabric using Heather Bailey's Hooray for Headbands free pattern. This one worked out really well - I'm going to make a bunch of these with extra fabric. It takes so little, so it's a good way to not waste the extra.

Last night I made my first purse! I used the free Shoulder Bag pattern from tiny happy. I didn't do this one perfectly; I sewed the button strap wrong, I sewed the two shoulder straps together the lazy way (without any hand stitching), and it would have been nice to line up the pattern in the fabric so that it didn't have the same flower right next to itself. But it's still really cute! And it's not like I'm only going to make one, so now I know what to be careful on for the next one.

I think my next project will be to sew some quick caps for the Mama to Mama project Beth has talked about. The deadline on their web page is December 10th, though I'm not sure if they want them postmarked by then, or received by then, but it is only the 2nd, so I'll probably be able to send them soon anyway. I found three shirts on my side of the closet that I don't need; now I need to see if Brian has any that I can use. If anyone has any extra shirts that they don't want, I'll take them!
  • They all turned out so great! Good job! The shoulder bag turned out really cute – I haven’t thought about making that one yet, mainly because I’m trying to make my own patterns . . . we’ll see if that works!

    I’m so glad that you’re going to do the Mama to Mama caps. They’re really quick to sew. I did change one thing – I sewed with a 3/8″ seam allowance instead of a 5/8″ like the pattern says. Otherwise it didn’t sew the point part of the top of the hat correctly so you could turn it right side out. Hope that helps!