Yay! This was a local contest, and I entered on Sunday and got a call on Monday that I won! I sold the tickets on stubhub, so I'm probably going to use the cash to buy sewing stuff.... maybe a rotary cutter? Fabric? Hmm..... Maybe I'll save it until I get some of the projects done that I already have materials for. We'll see!
Thanks to Coupon Cravings, Papa John's is having a deal where if the first kickoff is returned for a touchdown, everyone who preregisters gets a pizza for a quarter. Although the chances of that happening are small, it's worth filling a form out for! You never know!
Today's Redbox free movie code is 57VH9L and is good at any Redbox until midnight tonight. I got Made of Honor!
Slow week at CVS. Here's what I got:
  • 2 Gillette Shampoos, 4.99 each with 2 $2 newspaper coupons and $3 ECBs each = free
  • 2 Almay cosmetics, 7.49 each with two $1 newspaper coupons, one $2 CVS coupon, and $5 ECBs = 5.98
  • 3 Benefiber chew tablets totaling 24.67 with three $2 newspaper coupons, one CVS $3 coupon, and $10 ECBs = 5.67
  • 2 Mentos gum packets, 1.69 each, B1G1F with two $1 coupons = $0.30 profit
  • 2 newspapers
Not a money-making week, and I spent more than I wanted. The Almay ECB was for spending $10, and that was as close as I could get and still get items I would use. The Benefiber was the same; I thought I could get three small ones that would add up to $20 to get the ECBs, but at $6.49 each, three doesn't make $20! Isn't it nice that they make you buy more to get the ECBs? I still got all of it since we'll use it, but it's frustrating. Hopefully I'll get back to making a profit again soon!

YTD OOP: 22.43
YTD Savings: 441.81

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Coupon Cravings had a post today about a free audio book download of Steven Covey's book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This is definitely a good book about being purposeful with your life, setting goals, and not letting life just fly by, so I definitely recommend downloading it.
Beth reminded me of a class action settlement involving makeup that may allow you to get a free product. Here's a link to a post by Attention Target Shoppers that goes into the details. The basic idea is if you bought makeup at a store within a certain list between 1994 and 2003, which is a whole lot of people, you can get a free makeup product. But you have to go before January 27th, and it is only while supplies last, so hurry!
I decided it would be fun to try to make a quilt. I have a bunch of random scraps of upholstery fabric that I got for free on Craigslist that I have nothing to do with, so even though it is not the most attractive fabric, it works good to be a trial run and a good learning experience. :) Brian liked the yellows and blues that I had, so I cut out a bunch of squares to do a simple quilt pattern. I am basing it off of a quilt on Film in the Fridge that I loved, and works well because I don't have a lot of scraps to work with.

This is how my first block went - not bad! Again, it's not the most attractive fabric choices, but it will do. Most of my squares aren't exactly square, but I was cutting with scissors, so I knew that would happen. I guess I'm finding out how forgiving quilting is. And here's lesson number one: don't cut a million squares out with a pair of scissors all in a row. My right hand is very unhappy with me. :( I know a need a rotary cutter; hopefully I'll be able to find one on a really good sale.

Last night during Lost I finished the blue blocks. Now I'm on to the yellow squares that will go around white blocks. Hopefully I'll get some time in the next few days to work on it again!
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Thanks to Coupon Cravings, there is a Redbox code that is good at any McDonald's Redbox. I don't know if there is a time limit on it, but I used it today and it worked.


I'm watching the movie 21 right now!
Last Saturday I spent half of the day sewing, which was really nice. I finally finished a set of napkins I've been working on for a few weeks now. There are 21 of them, which almost gets us up to having enough for an entire week of eating at home and not using paper napkins. I picked out a maroon/red color so that we could also use them around the holidays.

I also sewed up a couple of pieces of fabric to go under our dogs' kennels so that they don't scratch the wood floor, but I don't have a picture of them. I was using rug liners before, but those can't go in the washing machine, and they keep building up dog hair, so this will be much better. Now when I clean the house, I can throw those in the wash and keep the living room nice and clean!

I have a few more projects in my head or in progress, so keep watching for more updates! :) Happy Inauguration Day! Don't forget to get your free Krispy Kreme Doughnut!
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We got to stock up again on some sodas for Brian, so this turned out to be a good week. I got:

4 12-packs of Diet Mountain Dew, $3 each = $12
3 bags of Tostitos, $3 each and $10 ECBs for buying $20 worth of Pepsi products = $1 profit
1 Rogaine for Men foam, 19.99 with a $15 internet coupon and $5 ECBs = free
2 St. Ives lotions, 2.99 each with two $2 internet coupons and a $3 off 2 lotions CVS coupon = $1 profit
2 CVS brand clairitin, 3.79 with 3.79 ECBs each = free
2 newspapers
2 Excedrin migraines, 1.99 each with two $2 internet coupons = free (not pictured)
3 American Greetings cards, .99 each with $3 ECBs = free (not pictured)
1/2 gallon milk, 2.79 (they were out of gallons!) (not pictured)

Overall, this ended up costing around $16, which is a lot more than normal! But since I usually make a profit on my purchases, this just ends up spending the profit, which is the whole point! And now we have chips for the Superbowl! Yum.

YTD OOP: 17.49
YTD Savings: 396.81