After sleeping in this morning until 8 am since we were up so late for New Year's Eve, I took a leisurely trip to CVS to pick up the January ECB deals. It looked like I was the first person there, which is great since I usually have to go at 6 am to have that luxury. And I make a really good profit today, so I'm really happy with my trip. Here's what I got:
  • 5 Kid Throat Coolers, 4.99 each, with two B1B1F internet coupons, and 4.99 ECBs each = $9.98 profit
  • 3 NutraTrim Weight Loss Gum packs, 3.99 each with 3.99 ECBs each = free
  • 2 NasoGel, 7.99 each with two $2 coupons with 7.99 ECBs each = $4 profit
That totals up to a $13.98 profit! Thank goodness for internet coupons! I also received my ECBs for purchases made during the fall, which turned out to be $3.50. It sure is great getting paid to shop! I found these deals using IHeartCVS and Slickdeals.

YTD OOP: 4.96
YTD Savings: 73.78
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