Last Saturday I spent half of the day sewing, which was really nice. I finally finished a set of napkins I've been working on for a few weeks now. There are 21 of them, which almost gets us up to having enough for an entire week of eating at home and not using paper napkins. I picked out a maroon/red color so that we could also use them around the holidays.

I also sewed up a couple of pieces of fabric to go under our dogs' kennels so that they don't scratch the wood floor, but I don't have a picture of them. I was using rug liners before, but those can't go in the washing machine, and they keep building up dog hair, so this will be much better. Now when I clean the house, I can throw those in the wash and keep the living room nice and clean!

I have a few more projects in my head or in progress, so keep watching for more updates! :) Happy Inauguration Day! Don't forget to get your free Krispy Kreme Doughnut!
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  • I need to do some sewing. . . maybe tomorrow! Making your own cloth napkins are such a good idea, I wish I had been sewing when I switched us over to cloth napkins. . .

  • I want to see what you make if you get to sew tomorrow! It was fun (but slightly tedious) to make the napkins. And best of all, the fabric for the 21 red napkins only cost $6!

  • I thought about making some napkins, but then I found a whole pack of pretty green ones that we apparently got from our registry when we got married! Go figure…so we are going to start using those. :)