I am SO excited to have my garden plan for the spring season finally written up for everyone to see. I worked out how much space each plant needs, and when to plant compared to the final frost date, so I've already started a few indoors in an egg carton. If anyone has advice, or if I put two plants next to each other that shouldn't, feel free to leave a comment! My garden is a raised bed in my backyard that is 5' by 15', and each block on the diagram represents 6". I can't wait to see all of the veggies we get!
  • I might replace cilantro with chives, cilantro is so cheap at the store, chives aren’t and my chives have survives a couple winters now and are doing great (you can get garlic chives and onion chives – they’re both yummy).

    Are you planning to keep the evergreen plants year after year? My thyme and oregano are still thriving and actually taking over my herb garden!

  • Brian doesn’t like chives, so I haven’t used them in forever. I will definitely keep the evergreen ones! I’ve got those seeds going in pots inside, and they haven’t sprouted yet, but hopefully in the next week they will. I just checked my other seeds, and the lettuce, tomatoes, and onions that I planted in the egg carton are all popping up!