Finally, a sale at Walgreen's that I was excited enough to go to! I don't go to Walgreen's as much as I do CVS because the deals usually aren't worth it for me. Today, however, was a different story. Here's what I got:
  • 3 Equal 100 packet boxes, on sale for 2.50 each with three 2.50 newspaper coupons = free
  • 4 Oust air sanitizers, on sale B1G1F, originally 3.79, with two B1G1F coupons (up to 3.49) = $0.60
  • 6 Colgate Totals, B1G1F, on sale for 2.79, with six 1.50 newspaper coupons = profit of $0.62
  • 1 gallon of milk = 3.19
With all of this, I made two cents which got applied to the gallon of milk. I didn't notice that the Oust coupons were only up to 3.49; I wouldn't have gotten them if I had seen that, and then I would have had $0.60 to apply to the milk. I guess I need to start checking that more closely. Looks like this shopping trip was a learning experience. I did have a great transaction with a really nice cashier today, though. I got some Colgates that didn't apply to the sale, and she let me run back and get more of the correct ones even though there was a line behind me. The mistake would have cost me an extra $9, so I'm very grateful that she let me do that. A happy cashier makes all the difference!
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