We got a bunch of stuff this week from CVS, though we had some issues with things being out of stock. We made trips to three stores, and I still don't have everything I want! These week I got:
  • 1 KY Yours + Mine, 19.99 with a $5 newspaper coupon and $10 ECBs = $5
  • 6 Stayfree pads, 3.99 each with three B1G1F coupons and $2 ECBs on the first 5 = $2
  • 1 Electrasol, 2.99 with a $2.50 newspaper coupon = $0.49
  • 2 Old Spice Red Zone deodorants, 3.99 each with one $1 coupon = $7
  • 4 Glade scented oil refills, $2.50 each with two B1G1F coupons and $5 ECBs = free
  • 2 Earinse, 7.99 each with 7.99 ECBs each = free
  • 1 CVS Children's asprin, 1.99 with 1.99 ECBs = free
  • 1 Excedrin 10ct vial, 2.49 with a CVS $1 coupon = profit of $1
  • Energy shot drinks, 4.99 with 4.99 ECBs = free
  • Garnier hair putty, 3.99 with a $1 newspaper coupon = $2.99
Definitely not a money-making weekend; I started out with only $24 in ECBs, so I paid over $30 out of pocket since we only had time for one transaction (we had to get to church on time!). I also got overcharged for the Earinse since the computers weren't up to date with the February deals, the ECBs didn't print for many of my items, and I wanted two more Electrasols since I have more coupons. I'll have to go back today or tomorrow to get the overcharge fixed and try to find more Electrasol. It's funny, but even though so much of this wasn't expensive, it seems like such a harder week since so much didn't come out right. Oh well; I'm going to put most of this up on eBay to try to make some money. The KY goes for at least $12 on eBay, so even though it wasn't free, we bought it since it looks like we can make a profit on it. We'll see how it goes!

YTD OOP: $56.07
YTD Savings: $545.71