Slow week at CVS again, and I also messed up my purchase again! Arg! I got:
  • 1 Benefiber, 8.99 with one $2 newspaper coupon, one $3 CVS coupon and $3 ECBs = $1
  • 2 Ritz, $1 each with one $2 off two Nabisco newspaper coupon = free
  • 2 Wheat Thins, $1 each with one $2 off two Nabisco newspaper coupon = free
  • 3 Gillette Fusion Gamers, 7.99 with three $4 newspaper coupons and $4 ECBs on one = $8
  • 3 newspapers
So I paid over $10 if you include the newspapers. I thought the limit on the ECBs on the razors was more than one, but I was wrong. Hopefully I can sell them on eBay to make up for it. The free crackers is exciting though! I love Wheat Thins! And the paper today had 4 coupon inserts each. I have a lot of coupons to cut now!

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YTD OOP: $57.37
YTD Savings: $576.30
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  • i have to start using coupons. it is a stupid waste for me to not do it. time to stop being lazy and follow your lead. thanks for the inspiration.

  • Christine, it’s so much fun! I hope you enjoy it! There are plenty of ways to make it not take a bunch of time, also. Some people don’t cut out the coupons but instead just keep the inserts and cut when they need a coupon. Most of the couponing blogs list what insert they got a coupon for so that you don’t have to dig through too much to find it. I have a bunch of those blogs on the right; I hope they help!