I made an extra trip to CVS today for some free razors and body wash. I got:
  • 2 Gillette Fusion razors, 7.99 each with two $4 newspaper coupons and $4 ECBs each = free
  • 2 Gillette body washes, 4.99 each with two "buy a fusion razor, get body wash free" coupons = free
I used $8 in ECBs to pay, and earned $8 ECBs, so I paid nothing out of pocket and ended up with the same ECBs that I had when I came in! I had coupons for "buy a fusion razor, get shampoo free," but they were out of the Gillette shampoo, which is too bad since I would have earned an extra $3 ECBs each, which would have been a $6 profit. But I'll take what I can get!

I've decided to try my hand at selling some of my free CVS items on Ebay. I didn't even know that people shop for things like over-the-counter medicines, razors, etc on Ebay, but apparently they do. I've got a few things up now, so we'll see if they sell. Even if I only get one bid for .99, the product was free to me, so it's a win-win situation for both me and the buyer. :) Can't get better than that!

YTD OOP: 22.43
YTD Savings: 467.81
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  • Yay, for trying to sell it on eBay. :)

  • Angie, any tips on selling these types of items on eBay? I put my first few up as auction, but I wasn’t sure if buy-it-now would have been a better choice.