Today's Redbox free movie code is F3T9L6, good until midnight tonight at any Redbox location.

I realized that it might help to include some instructions on how to use these codes for those who are new to Redbox. I just started using them a few months ago when I found the free codes. You can go to the Redbox web page to find the nearest location. When you are at the Redbox, there is a button on the bottom left that says "Rent with a code." Hit that and then enter the above code. Then you can pick out a movie, and as long as you return it before 9pm the next day, it's free! One hint is to be sure to give yourself time to stand in line when you are returning it the next day; don't go at 8:55 like I did one time! Sometimes there are up to three people in line, so go early so that you can get it returned in time. Enjoy!