Last Tuesday the first annual Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM) bowling team competed against 8 teams from other departments at the Graduate Professional Appreciation Week at UT. We decided to make team shirts for the occasion to intimidate the other teams into throwing gutter balls. (It didn't work.) I bought some fabric markers and we decorated our shirts beautifully.

And to demonstrate the humor mathematicians have, our "numbers" for the back of our shirts was the following: i, xi, e, integral sign. Xi is a Greek letter that sounds like the letter c, and the integral sign looks like an s, so what does that spell? ICES (Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences), the name of the interdisciplinary program that CAM falls under. :) I love math humor.

Here's a closeup of one of our shirts. Since we are in the CAM program, our team name was "A Holiday in CAM-bodia."

We had a good time. Unfortunately, we didn't play very well, but we're planning on practicing starting now for next year so that we can take the title from the defending champions who have won two years in a row. We did have friends from our program come to support us, though! Thanks for coming, everyone!

And, of course, we needed at least one action shot. This is Jessica, hopefully bowling a strike. :) Can't wait for next year's game!

  • Haha Math humor is almost as good as CAD humor. . . oh the things that amuse us!