16. April 2009 · 3 comments · Categories: Sewing
Now, it will not look like the one on the right, but Threadbanger posted a video on how to make your own body form at home for around $10. And it will be your size! It looks pretty awesome; if I ever start making more clothes, this definitely seems like a better idea than paying a ton of money for one. Thanks, CRAFT!
  • Wow! I’ve wanted a dress form for a while (not that I sew a lot of clothes or anything…) I guess if you’re having trouble finding a used one, this would be a great alternative!

  • That’s pretty amazing . . . Someday I would like to make more clothing. . .

  • I had this on my list of to-do’s a while ago, but with the sabbatical from sewing clothes it went to the bottom of the list. Definitely a better option for the cost and for the fact that it matches your body perfectly!