03. April 2009 · 6 comments · Categories: Recipes
This is the first time I have made or eaten quinoa, and I love it! I like that is the grain with the highest amount of protein. Food hasn't been to exciting to me recently, but this tasted wonderful, and I like how colorful it is. The recipe can be found here.

On a side note, I can't seem to take a good picture of food if my life depended on it (the above is not mine). Does anyone have any easy tips?
  • Yeah, taking pictures of food with a point and shoot almost always yields kinda gross looking pictures. I’ll see if Jason has any tips. . .

  • Not to say that this picture is gross at all though! :) It’s actually quite colorful and attractive!

  • *Strictly theoretical since I don’t have a camera to test this with* The best way to get the right look is to put the camera in macro mode (almost all cameras have that feature, it’ll be a flower symbol) then zoom in quite a bit. You’ll have to back away from the food a tad as the zoom would get you way too close otherwise. What you’re doing is creating more depth in the picture, so that when you are focused on the main highlight of the dish, the rest of the frame gets slightly blurred out. With the internal flash, you still might not get a great shot, but it’ll hopefully be an improvement.

    As far as framing, I’d get low, maybe a 35-50 degree angle from the table so that you’re not too on top of the plate. Once you have the plate in frame, try to slightly tilt the camera one way or another, that might just give you a more artistic composition.

    Hope that helps.

  • I know where you’re coming from. My food pictures tend to be a joke…but hey, at least we can cook!

  • @elizabethcarroll – Thanks, but it’s not mine! That pic is from the webpage of the recipe. Mine is in the recycle bin. :)

    @jason – Thanks! I’ll definitely try those tips next time. It doesn’t help that my camera is 6 years old or so. It’s probably time for an upgrade!

    @Ellie – Yes we can, and that does make me feel better. Even if the pictures don’t look good, the food tastes great. Yay!

  • I LOVE quinoa. It not only has LOTS of protein, it’s a COMPLETE protein…which is pretty uncommon in the plant world, or so I hear. I think somewhere in our blog we have a recipe, or a link to a recipe of make-ahead burritos from Jason’s coworker’s family blog. They’re delicious and make for great quick meals