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Yes, I am a little behind. Sorry! I sewed a bunch last Saturday (with a little help from my mom!) for a friend's baby shower. I've known Katie since we were born (our parents were friends in high school), so I knew I wanted to make a lot for her. And I finally got to use the pink fabrics I had stored up! I ended up with some bibs, a paci clip, burp cloths, shoes, a tag toy,

and a nursing cover. (Have I said how much I love this pattern? It is so amazingly easy and fast. Love it!)

Congratulations, Katie; I'm so excited for little Madeline Rose to get here!
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Quilt-along fabrics, plus one not pictured that came separately. Now I just need some pins and thread!
25. May 2009 · 2 comments · Categories: Couponing, CVS
I've been waiting for a week like this for a while! Holiday weekends are always good CVS weeks. I finally made a profit! I bought:
  • 1 Playtex tampons, $3.99 with one $1 newspaper coupon and $3 ECBs = free
  • 1 Clearasil face wash, $3.99 with one $1 newspaper coupon and $3.99 ECBs = profit of $1
  • 2 Speedstick deodorants, $3.99 each with one $1 mailing coupon and $3.99 ECBs each = profit of $1
  • 2 Bandaids, $2.99 each with two $1 newspaper coupons, one $1 CVS CRT coupon, and $2 ECBs each = profit of $1
  • 1 Colgate Total toothpaste, $2.99 with one $1 newspaper coupon and $2 ECBs = free
  • 1 Aquafresh sample size, $1.49 with one free item internet coupon (up to $1.25) = $0.25 (filler to get up to $30)
  • 1 Revlon nail polish, $3.99 with one $1 newspaper coupon and $3 ECBs = free
  • One $5 off a $30 purchase CVS coupon
Net profit: $7.81. Yay! No newspapers this week since there weren't going to be any coupon inserts. These weeks help make up for the weeks when we buy necessities like laundry soap, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. And most of this is going up on eBay, so that will help even more. My goal is to get my eBay sales to match my OOP (out-of-pocket) amount so that everything I buy for the year is free. Now to go list some items.....

YTD OOP: $165.48
YTD Savings: $1151.46 ($1889.01 if you include sale prices, as of 5/17)
YTD eBay sales: $56.15
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20. May 2009 · 3 comments · Categories: Couponing
I certainly have too many loyalty cards. I had to make a card holder for all of them! My husband showed me an article on Lifehacker that introduced a product that is pretty neat called KeyRingThing. All you have to do is input the store name and your card number, and it will put up to six bar codes on a card for you! It's free to print at home and get laminated, or they will print it on a sturdy card and mail it to you for around $3. I really like the idea of carrying less around, so I ordered one already. I only had enough to fill up one card since they didn't have bar codes for two of my cards, but I'm pretty stoked about taking six cards out of my purse. Has anyone used KeyRingThing before? Has it worked well for you?
Go here to fill out a short form and get a coupon mailed to you for free Oscar Mayer beef franks. Thanks, Money Saving Mom!
I am bursting with excitement because I am going to do my first quilt-along! Now, you may say, "Jennifer, don't you have enough sewing projects you're working on? Don't you have a quilt top that you haven't quilted yet? Aren't you pretty busy doing a Ph.D. proposal?" Yes, yes, and yes. But goodness knows that I (and from reading blogs, most sewers/quilters) enjoy doing as many projects at once as possible. My use of the word "enjoy" might be a stretch, but regardless, we can't help ourselves. I certainly can't. At least we're never bored.

So, quilt-along, here I come! Old Red Barn Co.'s sew-along is going to last six weeks (see the schedule of events here), and since my two-year wedding anniversary is seven weeks and one day away (I just counted), my wonderful husband is buying my fabric for me as my anniversary gift! This is the first time I will have bought more than a fat quarter's worth of designer fabric, so I am really excited. And I almost forgot - part of the sew-along is the giveaway of a Janome sewing machine, along with weekly giveaways. Can't beat that!

Week One is the gathering of supplies. It took me a really long time to decide what fabrics to buy, but when I saw this stack of fabrics, I fell in love. I bought my 12 half-yards and a yard for binding of Sandi Henderson's Ginger Blossom last night from QuiltHome.com, and it's already been shipped. (Ok, so maybe I actually bought 16 half-yards and a yard for binding. I figure I'll just put together what looks best and if I want a bit on the back, I'll have extra.) I'll post a picture once they come in. If you have the time for a little bit of quilting over the next six weeks, think about joining. It's going to be fun!
The first 100,000 people to sign up here will get a coupon (by mail) for a free DiGiorno flatbread melt! I just signed up, so they aren't all gone yet! Thanks, Coupon Cravings!
The hubby has been asking for Mountain Dew for a while now, so I'm glad it finally went on sale this week. I got:
  • 5 Mountain Dews, 4 for $13 with one free = $13
  • 4 Dry Idea Deodorants, 2 for $5 with four $2 internet coupons and $2 ECBs for each pair = profit of $2
  • 2 newspapers
Total cost: $14.20. Not a money-maker week, but I'll sell the deodorants on eBay to help make up for it. I made three sales this week! And the paper has 4 inserts this week; hopefully I'll get to use the coupons and get more good deals.

YTD OOP: $158.32
YTD Savings: $1112.24 ($1846.40 if you include sale prices, as of 5/10)
YTD eBay sales: $57.26
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14. May 2009 · 4 comments · Categories: Gardening
This thing is huge! I was warned that bell peppers grown at home tend to be smaller than what you see at the grocery store, but this one certainly didn't follow that pattern. I kept watching it since I wasn't too sure when to take it off, but when it got this big, I figured it was time. And there are more coming! We have five bell pepper plants and they are all doing well. In a short while we'll get some banana peppers too, and I am patiently waiting for our tomatoes to turn red (they are quite large as well). It's so much fun to see the hard work we put into the garden turn into food!

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14. May 2009 · 3 comments · Categories: Recipes
I had forgotten how good homemade bread is. It really does make store-bought bread taste like cardboard. I thought I needed a bread machine to make bread at home, but Amanda was kind enough to point me to this great recipe for light wheat bread that only requires your hands, or in my case, a mixer with the dough attachment. (Yeah, I'm still lazy.) This bread is really amazing, so I highly recommend you try it out. This is the third loaf I've made, and the first picture of it I took, because we had a hard time not eating it before I remembered to grab the camera. That's how good it is. And I trimmed my rose bush out front, so now I have pretty flowers in my kitchen. :)
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