14. May 2009 · 4 comments · Categories: Gardening
This thing is huge! I was warned that bell peppers grown at home tend to be smaller than what you see at the grocery store, but this one certainly didn't follow that pattern. I kept watching it since I wasn't too sure when to take it off, but when it got this big, I figured it was time. And there are more coming! We have five bell pepper plants and they are all doing well. In a short while we'll get some banana peppers too, and I am patiently waiting for our tomatoes to turn red (they are quite large as well). It's so much fun to see the hard work we put into the garden turn into food!

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  • I told you they’re normally smaller. :) The ones that Krista brought over to my house last year were itty bitty – maybe you got a better variety of seeds!

  • Beautiful!

  • I have a tip for you with growing green peppers. If you take a match or two and put them in the ground by the roots of the plant the plant grows like crazy and loves it.
    Claudia at Claudia’s Irish Eyes

  • Thanks Claudia, I’ve never heard of that before. Does that work for all peppers or just bell peppers? I’ll have to go find our matches!