Sorry about the dark picture, but I finally finished my quilt top! It only took 10 minutes, so I don't know why I procrastinated for so long. First impression: what was I thinking? It's huge!!! Oh well. It's a little late now for choosing a smaller size. I have the batting, backing, and binding materials, so I'm all ready to make my quilt sandwich and start quilting.

I also sewed my first fabric basket for storing scraps. I followed this tutorial, and it definitely ended up smaller than I expected. I guess the whole "2x2 inch squares" should have tipped me off. Oh well; my tiny scraps fit just fine.

I used a fun fabric for the lining that apparently used to be a shower curtain.

Now my basket sits on one of my new shelves. One down, a bunch more to go!

  • Way to go! Congrats on your first quilt top!

  • Thanks Ellie!

  • Wow that’s great! Are you going to try some stippling on that quilt top?

  • ha ha — isn’t that always the ways it goes…if only we would just do things the first time instead of procrastinating!!

    It all looks great, Jenn!!

  • Thanks everyone!

    @elizabethcarroll: I originally thought I would, but I starting thinking about which of my current blankets are my favorites, and I like fluffy blankets. I’ll probably just do stitch-in-the-ditch in order to leave a bit of fluff.

  • they both look great! I’ve been using some sewing patterns from your list, thanks for being such a great resource :)

  • Good, I’m glad! What have you been making? I want to see pictures! :)