20. May 2009 · 3 comments · Categories: Couponing
I certainly have too many loyalty cards. I had to make a card holder for all of them! My husband showed me an article on Lifehacker that introduced a product that is pretty neat called KeyRingThing. All you have to do is input the store name and your card number, and it will put up to six bar codes on a card for you! It's free to print at home and get laminated, or they will print it on a sturdy card and mail it to you for around $3. I really like the idea of carrying less around, so I ordered one already. I only had enough to fill up one card since they didn't have bar codes for two of my cards, but I'm pretty stoked about taking six cards out of my purse. Has anyone used KeyRingThing before? Has it worked well for you?
  • Anonymous

    Just FYI the article said that you could input your own barcodes for stores you wanted. You just had to make sure that the barcodes that got displayed looked like the ones on your card. Check out the article on lifehacker.


    May 20

  • Neat. I suppose it could work for families with multiple library cards? I’ll have to check it out.

  • Yep, it should work! They have a way to get non-standard upc codes on the cards. That’s a good idea! I have multiple library cards too.