The deals this week are pretty good because of the upcoming holiday weekend. We bought a lot of meat and threw in in the freezer for upcoming weeks. Here are the best deals.

  • 80% Lean Ground Beef, $0.99/lb
  • Ball Park bun length hot dogs, $0.99 each (use the $1 off 2 newspaper coupon to get two for $0.99)
  • Rancher's Reserve Boneless Round Steak, $0.99/lb
  • Milk, $2.50/gallon
  • Whole chicken fryer, $0.69/lb
  • Corn on the cob, 10 for $1 (wow!)
  • Blueberries (pint), raspberries (6 oz), strawberries (lb), $1.99 (use $1 Target coupon on strawberries to get these for $0.99/lb)
  • Dreyer's ice cream, on sale 3 for $7. Use this $1 Target coupon to get three for $4.
  • Pepperidge Farm Buns, $2. Use this $0.75 Target coupon along with the $0.55 newspaper coupon to get these for $0.70.
  • Cantelope, $0.88 each
  • Milk, $2.50/gallon

Since I have so many ECBs built up from a few good weeks in a row, I decided to spend some on non-free items this week, especially since there weren't any free items to buy! I bought:
  • 2 Cottenelle 12-packs toilet paper, $6.99 each with two $1 All You magazine coupons = $5.99 each
  • 2 Brawny 6-packs paper towels, $6.99 each with two $0.50 newspaper coupons and $2 ECBs each = $4.49 each
  • 2 newspapers
Net cost: $24.39. Geez, that sounds like a lot. At least we won't have to buy toilet paper or paper towels for a long time.

YTD OOP: $217.04
YTD Savings: $1320.57 ($2122.84 if you include sale prices, as of 6/22)
YTD eBay Sales: $66.19

Go here to print a coupon for B1G1F entrees at Einstein Bros, expiring July 3rd. Thanks, Coupon Cravings!

I am so excited about the veggies we got this morning at the farmer's market. Three cucumbers ($3), an eggplant and four bell peppers ($2), four yellow squash ($1), a crazy-looking squash with a name I don't remember anymore (edit: Zuchetta Rampicante) ($2), and a basket of tomatoes ($3). The prices are so great! Now I get to try to plan our meals around what we bought. Does anyone know what to do with an eggplant?

I think an update on the garden is in order. It started out nice and small back in March. And now....

it's crazy huge. This empty spot in front is due to the peas and onions dying and the spinach and lettuce not coming up. Oh, and the herbs not coming up from seed either. But I'm trying again with more seeds for all four, and some is already sprouting.

(Left to right, top to bottom: lettuce, peas, spinach, cilantro and basil.) I'm hoping with enough water that these will continue to grow. I'm sure the 105 degree weather isn't ideal for these poor plants!

The middle has our tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, and zucchini. Ever since I caged the tomatoes (once they were too big.... next time, cage when planting!), they haven't been growing a lot, but hopefully some extra water will help them out. The cucumbers and tomatoes, however, are growing like crazy and trying to take over the whole garden. Looks like next year I'll give them a little more room.

Those zucchini are soooooo good grilled. Definitely one of my favorites of the year and will be doing every year from now on. I want to grow some yellow squash next year, too. We've been cutting the cucumbers pretty small (between 2" and 4" long) because, well, if you don't, this is what happens.

The one on the bottom right is one that I would consider normal (though still too large). They turn a crazy yellow color when they get too big, and I read that they aren't good once they get that size. And the bottom left is from inconsistent watering. Oops.

The rest of the garden consists of green beans (yes, those ones I planted a while back have all become large plants with lots of purple flowers), banana peppers, jalepenos, and bell peppers. They are all doing quite well. The jalepenos take a while to get to a decent size, but they are quite yummy. We've pickled two more jars of banana peppers. (Does anyone know what else to do with banana peppers besides pickling?) And the bell peppers are finally fruiting like crazy. There are probably twelve to fifteen that will be ready within the next two weeks. Now I just have to come up with more ways to use everything than the typical grilling/stir-fry/fajitas/steamed preparations. And I still don't know what to do with an eggplant. It just looked so pretty. :)
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I have always found it fascinating that there are couponers who manage to feed a family of four or five on $40 a week. My husband and I typically spend $100 on the two of us per week when we don't buy our food based on sales. This month, we decided to lower our grocery spending to $50 a week; compared to others, this sounded like it should be pretty easy. Turns out I was wrong! Even after planning meals around the sales, and shopping at three stores, I still managed to overspend both last week and this week. (And I even forgot to count the $8 we spent at the local farmer's market.) I guess this will take some practice. I thought it would be fun to share the best deals that I find with all of you in case you are also tightening your budget. I don't necessarily enjoy having to go to three stores every week, but the deals that are to be had can be pretty great. So here are the steals for this week.

  • Ziploc Evolve Sandwich Bags: on sale for $1.77. Use this Target $1 Ziploc internet coupon and a $0.40 newspaper coupon (final price $0.37), a $1 off 2 newspaper coupon (final price $0.27 each), or a $0.55 internet coupon (final price $0.22) for some super cheap Ziplocs. I stocked up and got 7 boxes.
  • 1 lb strawberries, on sale for $1.99. Use this Target $1 internet coupon to get a pound of strawberries for $0.99! We'll probably eat ours quickly and go back to get more later in the week.
  • 1 pint Raspberries, on sale for $3 for 2.
  • Dreyer's ice cream, on sale for $2.99.
  • 1 gallon HCF Milk, on sale for $2.50.
  • 1 lb California peaches, on sale for $0.99.
I guess now I see why I had trouble sticking to the budget - not too many good sales! I wasn't a fan of any of the meat sales, either, so we just got some chicken at HEB and will use meat from the freezer. Hopefully next week will be better!
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Wow, I must be on a lucky streak. Got everything I wanted again, and this time, at a profit. I bought:
  • 20 Soyjoy bars, 4 for $4 with $4 ECBs (5 times), two B1G1F newspaper coupons and a $2 off 10 newspaper coupon = profit of $4
  • 1 Almay foundation, $13.99 with a $1 newspaper coupon, $3 CVS coupon, and $10 ECBs = free
  • 2 Thermacare wraps, $2.49 each with two $1 newspaper coupons and $2.49 ECBs each = profit of $2
  • 2 newspapers
  • $5 off a $30 emailed CVS coupon
Net cost: profit of $7.81! Woohoo! I love profit weeks!

YTD OOP: $213.63
YTD Savings: $1313.80 ($2080.04 if you include sale prices, as of 6/18)
YTD eBay sales: $60.69