Since I have so many ECBs built up from a few good weeks in a row, I decided to spend some on non-free items this week, especially since there weren't any free items to buy! I bought:
  • 2 Cottenelle 12-packs toilet paper, $6.99 each with two $1 All You magazine coupons = $5.99 each
  • 2 Brawny 6-packs paper towels, $6.99 each with two $0.50 newspaper coupons and $2 ECBs each = $4.49 each
  • 2 newspapers
Net cost: $24.39. Geez, that sounds like a lot. At least we won't have to buy toilet paper or paper towels for a long time.

YTD OOP: $217.04
YTD Savings: $1320.57 ($2122.84 if you include sale prices, as of 6/22)
YTD eBay Sales: $66.19