A few friends (including Sarah) and I are throwing a baby shower for a friend, and when we saw these invitations, we knew it was perfect. We made an assembly line, used a bunch of my fabric scraps, and we are so excited about how they turned out. This one with the ladybugs was my favorite. We made them all different, too, so I actually had a lot of favorites, but I couldn't keep them all. :)
  • Anonymous

    Those are some pretty awesome invitations. Thanks so much! — SPD

  • I love it!

  • Anonymous

    I love these invitations too! I’ve seen a few displayed on people’s fridges. Seems that all the girls love them. They’re so pretty and unique. Very creative and eye catching. Thanks for making them so special!


  • i KNEW in my heart that y’all had made these!! but they were so professional (not warped, not smudged, not torn, so well aligned) that i was second-guessing myself & wondering how the heck you printed the text on them… nice work, ladies! they are quite lovely. ;)

  • Thanks, everyone. We had so much fun making them!