Wow. This week's sales include a lot of school supplies for free after ECBs. But, apparently, only if you show up before 9am on Sunday. Because just about everything was gone already. Now, it would help if the stores near me stocked more than 10 of each item that was on sale (which is still really annoying). But I did not expect to see these items gone so early in the morning. I managed to get a little, though:
  • 2 CVS notebooks, $0.99 with $0.99 ECBs = free
  • 2 CVS Scissors, $2.99 each with $2.99 ECBs = free
  • 1 Gillette Fusion razor, $7.99 with $4 ECBs and one $4 newspaper coupon = free
  • 3 Tylenol 24ct, $3.99 each with $3 ECBs each, one $1 mailed coupon and two $2 newspaper coupons = profit of $2
  • 1 Excedrin migraine, $2.49 with one $2.50 off a $10 pain relief CVS coupon = free
  • 2 newspapers
I had to buy the extra Excedrin to use my CVS coupon because I accidentally split the Tylenol into two purchases, otherwise I would have used the coupon on them. Overall, cost was $1.24, and my favorite part - I only spent 20 cents out of pocket. :)

YTD OOP: $218.32
YTD Savings: $1395.33 ($2240.65 if you include sale prices, as of 7/5)
YTD eBay sales: $86.73
  • I love your blog! I just happened by it through your comment on Centsible Sawyer. I have a question though. You list YTD eBay sales. I’m curious to know, do you sell your freebie items on ebay?

    bayjenn at verizon dot net

  • Brandy,

    I sell some of my freebies on eBay. Not everything sells well, and I choose not to ship internationally at the moment, but some items such as razors sell really easily. The thing I like best is that it is win-win for both me and the buyer, since they always purchase it for less than in a store!