It's been a while since I've posted a real post due to proposing my Ph.D. research last week; I've got a backlog of things to show you! A few weeks back, hubby and I picked some peppers from the garden. We got a ton of banana peppers (which by the way turn orange and red just like bell peppers will when left on the plant), which we pickled. It's nearly time to try them out and see how the recipe turned out.

We also picked a bunch of jalapeños (which also turn red/purple the longer they are left on the plant). I don't tend to use pickled jalapeños very often, so instead,

we made jalapeño jelly! Note: next time, use gloves when seeding jalapeños. And maybe a face mask when boiling the jelly on the stove. Boy, that stuff burns. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. If only I had read this before I started. :) I tasted just a tiny bit as we were putting them in jars (we used the recipe inside the gel pectin box), and it was pretty stinking spicy. Hubby wants to make cornbread to put the jelly on. I'll probably bring a jar to our upcoming Sewcial, so if anyone has ideas other than cornbread to pair with the jelly, let me know!
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  • I absolutely love jalapeno (or other hot pepper) jelly! My favorite way to serve it is to spoon it over a brick of softened cream cheese and let people dip some kind of hearty cracker into it. It always goes over so well at parties. Enjoy your home-canned yumminess!

  • Mmmm, good idea. That sounds perfect!

  • If you have any more jalapenos, you can always chop them, put them in a ziploc bag and freeze them. They still work well when thrown into recipes.

  • Good idea Angela! Then we’d have peppers in the winter when the plants die. I’ll freeze some from the next bunch!