What a year! After going through all of my pictures, I can’t believe how much I bought for so little. I’m so grateful for being able to buy toiletries for so little and at the same time passing on a lot of my savings to our local food pantry. Here are the final numbers for the year:

2009 Out-of-pocket (OOP): $391.08
2009 Savings: $3922.27
2009 eBay sales: $133.21

Wow! One of my goals was to keep my OOP below 10% of my savings since that is what it was trending towards (which is about a 91% savings rate). Looks like I just made it! Another goal was to match my eBay sales with my OOP so that my net cost for the year would be zero, but I didn’t get close to that one. My goals for 2010 are to keep my OOP below 8% of my savings total and to make up 75% of my OOP in eBay sales. I hope you all had a good CVS year as well!