CVS, Week of 1-17

I still haven’t found the Oust sprays, but today I bought:

  • 6 Mountain Dew 12-packs, 3 for $10 with $10 ECBs for buying $20 worth = $10
  • 1 Glade Soy candle, $6 with one $3 CVS CRT coupon
  • 2 newspapers
  • 1 $5 off a $30 purchase email coupon

Net cost: $12.00. I earned $20 in ECBs for filling out surveys this week (more information on joining the CVS survey panel here), and I’ve never seen soft drinks this cheap before, so it definitely was a good time to stock up. It comes out to just under $0.14 per can. Amazing! At first I didn’t think I could use my $5 coupon, but the coupon machine printed me out a coupon for a Glade soy candle, so I threw that in at the last minute. (I loooove those candles. Yummy.) And to top it all off, my out-of-pocket cost today was nothing. Zero. Nada. I’d say that’s a good shopping trip!

YTD OOP: $3.41
YTD Savings: $209.77
YTD eBay sales: $0.00