One of my cousins is having a baby boy soon, so I sewed up some burp cloths and some bias tape bibs for her. Instead of using a traditional bias tape bib tutorial that uses the tape for straps to tie, I used McCall's 5604 and added bias tape around the edges instead of sewing right sides together and turning.

The fabric is Robots by David Walker, and the bias tape is half-inch double fold bias tape, Pin Dot in Bright Yellow (available in the shop). My favorite part is the little robot dog.

I used my usual snaps from Cowgirl Snaps, which I still am very much loving. So cute and functional at the same time!
  • Ellie

    Those turned out super cute!

  • Elizabeth

    Cute! Love the way they turned out.

  • Bias tap bibs are really very nice looking and well fitted on baby it is advantage of tap bibs.

  • Rob O’Neill

    These baby bibs are really cute and lovely! It will perfectly suit for the little ones and I think dearest baby can’t pull it off easily because it has a snap for fastening. I love the color because it is very comfortable to see and the designs too. Great Job!