CVS, Week of 3-13

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been to CVS! I took a bit of a break; in fact, it was so long that I accidentally let $20 in ECBs expire. Oops! I definitely won’t be letting that happen again! I bought:

  • 1 Purex Complete, $3.99 with one $3 newspaper coupon = $1

Net cost: $1.07. Pretty good for 20 loads of laundry!

YTD OOP: $11.72
YTD Savings: $130.04
YTD eBay sales: $1.81

1. Squash, 2. Bite Missing Cucumber, 3. Sad Cucumber, 4. Poona Kheera Cucumber, 5. Mexican Gherkin Cucumber, 6. Romaneso Broccoli, 7. Broccoli Raab Rapini, 8. Hopi Pink Corn, 9. Green Bean, 10. Green Bean, 11. Green Bean, 12. Dragon Tongue Bush Bean
Lots of green in the garden. I love sprouting green beans. You can tell how hard they work to come up out of the dirt. Keep growing, little seeds.