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It's that time again... time for another wonderful Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day! Welcome! For those who don't know me, my name is Jennifer and I have an Etsy shop called Slightly Biased full of handmade bias and binding tapes.

You'll probably be able to guess what I'm giving away.

The first prize is three yards of some scrumptious Amy Butler Full Moon Polka Dot in Cherry quilting (folded in half, not cut on the bias) tape!

The second prize is three yards of this springtime Diane Kappa Zinnia Garden in Teal double fold bias tape. So much better than store-bought bias tape, no? If you want to see what else Slightly Biased has to offer, don't forget to check out the store!

So what do you have to do to win? Just answer this one easy question:

What kinds of projects do you use bias tape on?

The two winners will be chosen randomly. One entry per person. The giveaway will be open until noon central time on Friday, May 27th. International entries are welcome! Good luck!
  • Minimanuals

     I use them to embelish my bags.

  •  I use bias tape to cover my dodgy hand sewing when making crazy quilts!

  • To be honest, I’ve never used bias tape as I’m terrified of it – it’s on my list of “fears to conquer” though and this might be what makes me try it! 

  • Gosh, what an interesting item to sell!!! I usually make my own bias tape.

  • Michell

    I would use them on tablerunners 

  • Sydney

     Probably a tablerunner or a skirt for my daughter. 

    316ramirez@gmail.comThanks for the opportunity and I hope I win!  :)

  • Elizabeth

     Quilts! But that’s because I have been making a lot of quilts lately. :)

  • Kirie

    I use bias tape for cup coasters or potholders mostly. For bigger quilts I prefer straight cut binding. Thank you for the chance to win :)

  • Jen

    I mostly make quilts. And I never care if it’s bias or straight. I love these bi dings, thanks for the giveaway!

  • I mainly use binding tape on quilts but I have started to use it more and more on clothing for a pop of colour :)

  • I used started using bias tape! I used it to make some beside organizers to make the pockets look more professional. I’d love to try it on bags/purses!

  • Lauren Vander Zanden

    I love bias tape to edge bags and give them a little extra pop!

  • Marci S.

    I think it is a great addition to the bottom of a skirt for a pop of color. I just made my first quilt and am still trying to find the perfect quilting tape to finish it up. Love the Amy Butler dots, they are my favorite fabric.  

  • Mamaisaac09


  • Shola

     I’ve just got the most amazing foot for my machine, a binding foot! I used to shy away from binding, but now you ask what I use binding on… everything!! I’m binding armholes/necks on clothing, making bound potholders and coasters, and anything else I can think of!

  • MBMeadows

     quilts, mug rugs, potholders, summer dresses for my girls

  • Gina C.

    I like to use bias tape on edging dresses along the armholes and trimming quilts. 

  • Kontaktyme

    I use bias tape on quilts, quilts & quilts..Thanks  MJ  


  • Sharon

    This is a great idea, I use it for quilt binding.  Thanks for the griveaway! 

  • Fran Harrington

    I have been using them on my quilts & also recently have used them making some grocery bag holders. Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win 

  • Sarah

    I use it often on sundresses for my daughter.  Makes cute shoulder ties and makes the bottom hem pop!

  • Ingeborg zinger

    The last time I used bias tape on my skirt. 

  • Dee Anderson

    I sew dresses for my little girl and is what I end up using it on! 

  • explabgirl

    I use it when I do scalloped edges on my quilts. Thanks for the opportunity to win. 

  • nugglemama

     how did I not know about that great bias tape? I use it on lots, to finish off edges on dresses, quilting and for loops and straps.

  • Delores Wagg

     I make ‘hair trying’ towels that you button on like a turban – I use terry towling and edge the whole thing in bias – your bias would look awesome.
    I also use bias for baby bibs and potholders.
    Love to win!

  • Kbzelazny

    Purses and quilts. Thanks for the giveaway!

  •  I would love to win since I dont like to make bias tape, but love to use it in sewing  dresses for my daughter!  Glad to find your blog, I live in central Texas too!
    Great giveaway!~JamieS@ Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

  • Happy Turtle

    I like bias tape for binding necks and armholes in dresses.

  • Ambersewwonky

    I’ve only ever used it on quilts and smaller quilty things like pot holders. Love those dots!

  • Michelle

    I’ve only ever used it in blankets–guess it’s time to branch out!

  • Catherine

    I struggle with bias tape, but have used it fairly successfully on some potholders.

    I would like to try it on a wallet.

    Thanks for the chance! 

  • Sweetiebug_98

     I just finished my first quilt ever and used bias tape to finish the edges! Love it!

  • FLO

     I mainly use bias tape for my quilt.

  • Erin

    I use bias tape on my quilts, but I am eager to try more clothes making where I could use it on finished edges.

  • erica dietz

    I mostly use bias tape on quilts

  • Jessica

    I use bias tapes on my quilts.  Thanks for the giveaway!



  • Patty D

    use them for quilt bindings.  thanks!

  • SB

     I’m new to the whole craft thing so I haven’t used bias tape before, but I have a couple of projects in mind that I’d love to try. I’d like to use bias tape to make mug rugs, bibs, and pillows. 
    precious_1218c at yahoo dot com

  • Deborah in Atlanta

    Quilts, quilts, quilts.  That’s what I use bias tape on – what else is there besides quilts? 

  • Melissa M.

    I’m new to sewing so I haven’t used it yet but have a few dress tuts that require it. 

  • Laurel Stein

    i use bias tape on EVERYTHING.  dresses, tops, skirts, quilts, potholders, curtains, etc.

  • Laurel Stein

    i use bias tape on EVERYTHING – dresses, tops, skirts, quilts, placemats, hot pads, etc.

  • Blueberryblues

    I’m new to sewing, so I need to be clued into what you could use bias tape for.  From the other commenters, it appears to be useful for many different projects!

  • I use them for quilt binding.  Love amy’s dots for binding, that would be really fabulous.  Thanks for the chance.  

  • Lindsey – LRstitched.

    I like it for lots of things, quilt bindings, dress hems, bibs, pot holders.  Anything!

    And I have to say, you have the most clever shop name!  Adorable!!


  • Meryl

     Just made my first bias tape this winter–I hope to never have to again!  ;0  But it looked great on my quilt!

  • Homemakerhoney

    Mug Rugs.

    G’Day!  I’m here for the Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day!  Please visit me, too:

    Homemaker Honey
    homemakerhoney  @gmail  .com

  • nothanksdudes

    honestly… i’ve never used bias tape!  im a beginner sewist, and would love the opportunity to try!  a quilt perhaps?  Or a pillow? 

  •  I mostly use bias tape for garment sewing. 

  • Elizabeth Devereaux

    I am using bias tape right now, to bind round coasters, but mostly I use it on garments. I like it for finishing seams and occasionally for trim. What you are giving away is fabulous!

  • Zabecc

    Why yes, I am familiar with your shop!
    I use bias tape on quilts, coasters and placemats. Though I’d love to one day try it on a dress for my little girl!
    Thank you for the chance to win :)

  • Andreacreates

    i usually trim our pockets with them!

  • Leiselp

    oh!  how fun!  i love to use bias tape on skirts and dresses for my little chicklets.



  • Deb

    I mostly use bias tape for quilting, but I’ve used it on bags, garments, etc, too.  Thanks for the giveaway – your handmade tape is great!

  • hmmm… usually just for quilting, but some potholders too!

    these are great! 

  • Shayla Sharp

    Mostly quilts and mug rugs, but also for trim on clothing. 

  • Gill Watson

     Mainly quilts – large and small

  • alison

     I use bias tapes on quilts and clothes!

  • maggie G

    Quilts and potholders :) Thanks for the opportunity!


    Quilts and inside of purses.   Wanting to make some potholders too though! 

  • Caroline

    Mostly quilts, clothes, small projects like pot holders, and coasters!

  • lawsonandlotti

     I’ve actually not used biased tape in a very long time, used to use it in clothing, planning on using some when I get round to making some potholders

  • I often use bias tape to create flowers for my paper crafting and mixed media projects!  It’s perfect for that  jinglesells at gmail dot com

  • Jenna

    Most recently I’ve used it to trim baby bibs.  Thanks for the giveaway!
    jmhamlin826 AT yahoo DOT com

  • Sharmie Taffe-Fletcher

    i’d love the bias tape for some aprons i love to make :) 

  • Edeenut

    I use it for pillows (piping), and bibs, and it’s really fun to use for the edging of skirts, so many possibilites

  • Kristen Crenshaw

    That’s lovely. I have no idea what I’d use it for (currently, at least) but I’m going to college soon so I’m sure I’ll find some good use for it before then!


  • deanna doornbos

    I used bias tape on clothes.  My little girl has so many things that need tape on them!  Very nice tapes you have.  

  • Tara

    I use bias tape on quilts, and these would be so beautiful on a quilt!

  • I use bias tape mainly as trim on clothing. These are both gorgeous as are all the others in your shop! One can never have too much bias tape! ;) Thanks for the fun!

  • Mindfulhome

    I’ve actually never used bias tape!
    mindfulhome at gmail dot com

  • Sarah

    I’ve never used bias tape, but have been meaning to learn!

    Sarah @ Kiwi Gets Crafty

  • Natalie christensen

    Never tried bias tape. I make quilts but I am fairly new.

  • Skooks

    So far I’ve used it on quilts and a wallet.  Would love to branch out to other ideas though . . . potholders?  Pillows?


  • Erica

     What a great idea for a giveaway!  I have only used bias tape to bind quilts, but I would love to branch out :)

  •  I use bias tape on sun hats and little-girl tunics. But I like to make it more than I like to use it!

  • I’ve never actually used bias tape before, but I have a project in mind to use it with. I’m repurposing old tee shirts that I don’t want anymore and I wanted to add bias tape to one of them to change it up.

  • Katie

    I use bias tape for the neck/armholes of dresses/tops for my daughter – your tape is way cuter than the stuff I’ve used!

  • bonnie

    my quilts and some of the purses and pillows.. 

  • Ronny Langendoen

     I had no idea I could get lovely bias tape like that on etsy!  I would use it on my quilts :)

  • Thurbs8

    My quilts. This is great! Thanks for the chance! thurbs8(at)yahoo(dot)com.

  • Kldemare

    Quilts, pillows, bags! Great giveaway!

  • Jessie Hansen

    What do I use bias tape on?  I love using it on aprons.  So much character given with just a little contrast. Never use store bought, though. So easy to make it with patterned fabrics all on my own! These re beautiful I would love them.

  • Cmentillo

     Ack!  I love your shop!!  I’ve been looking for the perfect project to get some for.  I’m thinking it would be great on some pillows.  :)

  • Millie

    My favourite way to use bias tape is as a hem facing on dresses for my little girls.  

  • Emma

    I use it on pillows and the edge of knitting needle rolls, but yours is considerably more lovely!

  • Jen

    I use bias tape when making clothes so I don’t have to line everything or hem  to get neat edges. 

  • Stephanie Green

    I would use it on quilts.

  • Trash

    Bias is best! I use it on quilts (obviously) but also the little washbags I make. 

  •  Quilts and aprons for me! and dress hem lines when i’m too lazy to hem properly!

  • Limor477

    That’s easy, every project I possibly can. I love bias tape. I like making my own, bur I really need to buy one of those gadget thingies to make ironing faster.

    limor477 at aol dot com

  • Dana

     I use bias on quilts and I’ve used it on tote bags I’ve made. 

  • Wow so glad I found you from Sew Mama Sew… I didn’t even know cool already made for me biased tape existed..LOVE IT!

  • Katya

     Pretty!! My favorite apron pattern has lots of bias tape on it. I could use a new one!

  • Lisa Hanna

    Same person as right below, just posting as myself and answering the question.. I use bias tape pretty much on cute dresses and making kimonos.

  • Shearow

    I am a beginning quilter, and I haven’t really used bias tape.  But I’d love to give it a go! ;)

  • Lisa McGuire

    I’m a newbie sewer so I’ve used bias tape to bind edges on some bag projects. Next up– trying to make my own bias tape for binding some clothing.

  • Stacy Fisher

    I use bias tape on table runners.

  • Eve

    I like to use it for pennants/banners.

  • Greta

    I would love to bind a quilt in that Full Moon.  I love polka dots for quilt bindings.  Thanks for the chance to win. 

  • Jasmine Saunders4

    I have never used bias tape! what is it?

  • I like to use bias tape to finish the edges for almost everything non-stretchy. It just makes everything pretty and neat. These would accent a solid color summer dress absolutely gorgeously!

  • Woolensails

     I have never used bias tape, but i got some plain black to try and just didn’t like the look. This would be fun to work with, beautiful designs and would be wonderful on a summer throw.


  • Elke Sauchella

    I use bias tape for the edges of mug rugs.

  • I use bias tape for binding small quilts that won’t get washed much.  With fewer folds, they make a flatter binding, especially at the corners.  

  • Christie S.

     I use bias tape on potholder.

  • MN2NM

     What a great giveaway!  I use single fold on quilts and double fold on clothing.  Thanks so much!

  • Heidi’s Nest

    I use bias tape on small quilt projects

  • Brandi

     i am fairly bias-dumb. i think the only thing i have ever used it on is pillowcase dresses… which i’m currently making for “dress a girl around the world” to be donated.  

  • Jennifer Topp-Lalonde

     Oooh I love your bias tape! I use bias tape on mug rugs, mini quilts and large ones too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Rachael Milligan

    I haven’t used bias tape very much yet as I still am new to sewing on bias tape but for future projects, I’d use it on bags, pillows, or small quilts/placemats :)

    rachaelroyce [at] gmail [dot] com :)


  • Timmerla

    The only project I have ever used bias tape on was a stained glass quilt – used black for the dividing lines.  I make my own binding for quilts. 

  • Heidi Witte

    I like bias tape for blanket edging and for making fabric banners .
    Thanks so much!

  • Cheryl Rathke

    I love using it on fleece blankets for 1st birthday gifts – just when they’re old enough to enjoy a “snuggie”.

  • adrienne

    I love to add it to my purse edges for a bit of contrast.

  • Sue Niven

    I would use the bias tape to make dresses for little girls.

  • Cathy

    I use bias tape on quilts but also I make my daughter scrub tops.  she is a nurse.  A tiny nurse and it is hard to find tiny scrubs for her.  : ) 

  • Kristie_keely

    I’ve used bias tape for quilts, bags and pot holders. I’d love some pretty bias tape. Thanks! kristie_keely(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  • Jen Hagedorn

    I love bias tape – use it all the time on children’s clothes: lazy and beautiful hem, armhole facing/tie shoulder strap in one, elastic casings and more! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Quilts! :)

  • Victoria

    Mostly I use it as connecting string on buntings, but of course also to bind quilts!

  • Kimberlee Frost

    i use bias tape around aprons that i make for my newly married friends!  thanks for the chance to win some BEAUTIFUL products!

  • Alice

    I use it all the time, on clothing and pretty much anything I make.  It seems like I am always using bias tape.

  • Moira Richardson

    I only recently learned how to use bias tape and I’ve used it to make two wallets. I love yours!!

  • Tawny

    It’s funny, lately I’ve been using bias tape for all sorts of things.  And I hate making my own because I always seem to burn my fingers doing all that ironing!  Anyway, I’ve been binding up my fabric placemats with bias tape as well as edging toy hammocks for my shop with bias tape. :)

  • delia

    Mainly quilts. This bias tape is way better than the stuff you can buy at the store!

  • Sara

    Quilts and more quilts!

  • Bree

    it would have to be quilt binding!  beats making my own!

  • Courtlyons

    Oh, I make my own quilt binding & bias tape (for little pouches & trim on pajama pants), but I am having a look at your shop.  Very tempting to let you do the hard work!

  • Laurawilson25

    I would use bias tape for making aprons for Christmas.

  • Angie

    I use extra bias tape to go around the edges vinyl of zipper bags. They are great to keep unfinished projects in.

  • Pam O

    I use bias tape on clothes. I’ve just bought a gadget to make my own. Yours is gorgeous…    allmap(at)y7mail(dot)com

  • Sarah

    love these! I use bias tape to finish necklines and arm holes, for quilts and aprons… all kinds of fun stuff!

  • Megan Schacht

    Okay, so I use bias tape on quilts but also baby bibs, washcloths, placemats, and coasters!  Also on pillowcase dresses for my little one.  Thanks for the opportunity!  Love Amy Butler!

  • Laura Beech

    I use bias type on quilts. But I am just getting into sewing and know there are many other projects I will use it on eventually the braver I get.

  • Jen

    Quilts, baby bibs, and wallets!

  • Pam

    This tape is a great idea.  I use bias tape on quilts, bags, dresses and table runners.

  • Julia

    I’ve only used bias tapes on quilts, so far!

    side note – I also grew up in roundrock, am an aggie, and I’m working on a master’s degree and recently got married. Crazy!

    starsandsunshineblog at gmail dot com

  • Katy

    I’ve only used it once & it was to make an apron and hot pot holders for my little girl.

  • Margaret Glendening

    I’ve only only used it for quilts.  I love this!

  • Allison Coe

    So cute!  I like to make baby bibs with bias tape, but I typically buy the boring pre-made stuff from the store. That stuff is not fun to work with, but I’m too lazy to make my own.

  • RP

    Quilts, and I’m sure there’s a use for doll clothes too!

    p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 18.0px ‘Marker Felt’}

    RP from BBC {at} gmail {dot} com

  • Carrie

    I’ve never used bias tape!

  • Gabrielle Vinay

    I use bias tape a lot for making piping on bags and pillows. It is also really handy for finishing the top edges of pockets on bags. I love the amy butler binding, it is so pretty and I have very little red stash! Thanks for the giveaway, if you get a chance, come check out mine :)

  • Pot holders, bags, and more! Very cute fabrics :)

  • Atchisonsteph

    Thank you for the great giveaway. It’s lovely.
    atchisonsteph at gmail dot com
    I use bias on everything quilted I do.

  • Shelleylynnvogel

    Love this giveaway!  I use tape on clothes, bibs & mainly quilts.  Full Moon/Amy Butler is one of my favorite prints of all time.  Thanks for the chance to enter!

  • Mom C

    Quilt bindings, clothes, decorative trims.  I make historic hats but I love to use a bias tape binding on the edges of the brims instead of folding the seams in and slip stitching the side together.

  • Wendi

    Your tape is beautiful!  I use tape on bags, clothing for dollies and little ones, but mostly quilts!

  • Pot-holders and baby clothes so far. Maybe one day I’ll make a quilt!

  • Sruder

    Gee, what CAN’T you use bias tape for? I land up needing miles of it for children’s clothes and quilt bindings. I was just thinking how bias tape would make a fab giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Jennyroo

    Waist and leg-bands for diaper covers!!!  Would love to be the lucky winner!  Thanks for sharing…such a generous giveaway!

  • Wendy V

    So far the only thing I’ve used bias tape for is dressing up children’s clothes and skirts.  So cute!

    Thanks for the chance!

  • i NEEEEEED this so bad! they dont sell it here and i ve got quilts sitting waiting on this binding!!! than kyou!!

  • Liz

    wow! that will make an awesome border . I routinely use bias tape for edging children’s clothes(kimonos , circle skirts, ruffly skirts)  and bibs.t thanks for a chance to win!

  • BiancaGuillen

    Your work is just lovely. I melted when I saw them. Out of fear of burning myself with my iron, I do not make bias tape as gorgeous and as small as yours. Now I can still reap the benefits though.

  • Janet

    I’ve used bias tape on applique projects for skinny lines like branches and such.  I’ve used it on bags to finish edges and I have even used it for binding on some small quilts.  thanks for a chance to win your beautiful tape.

  • Pauladawn

    I like to use bias tape on everything, don’t use just love a lovely edge?

  • Jessica

    I am new to sewing, but I plan on using bias tape on bags and other fun stuff! Thanks a lot for the awesome giveaway!

  • Brittany Gale

    I’m getting my first sewing machine next week. I’ve wanted to make quilts forever, so that’s what I would use it for :)


  • Debra Lee

    I have never used bias tape but would like to try some!

  • Gemma Rathbone

    My main use of bias tape is in fascinator making. I could make a really funky one with some of these designs!


  • Emily Flippin Maruna

    kids clothes. thanks for the chance!

  • Shahee Mujeeb

    I dont get bias tape out here. I would love to win this. Thank you for a great giveaway!

  • Page

    I LOVE that bias tape. I make my own too and I use it for stretchy straps on a top too.  izazbz at yahoo dot com

  • Wendy

    I’m about to use bias tape for the first time on an apron I’m making for my sister, then I have a couple of tops to make for my daughter that I’m going to use it on. Is it just me that puts off stitching for a while when there’s a new technique I need to get my head around?!?

  • Stashavalanche

    I’m a bias fan too and I use it on practically everything – baby clothes, clothes for me, seam bindings, hem bindings, blankets, you name it,. I’ve probably put bias on it!
    thanks for the giveaway


  • wk

    On big quilts for bed :)

  • Seasidesiblings

    Gosh for so much- bunting, kids clothing, skirts for me, blankets… the list goes on!

  • Peach Rainbow

    Quilts, Aprons, Bags – Thanks for the chance :D

  • Violet_bg1

    I use it on baby quilts

    Great giveaway! Amazing prize!

    Thanks for the chance


  • Melinda

    I use it on quilts but I’ve also used it to line aprons and create straps on them.

  • Nasly Yadid

    Endless possibilities: Aprons, quilts, To finish off hems on skirts, just to mention a few. I’m sure to use these yummy ones you’re giving away one could become even more creative.
    thanks for the chance

  • Kathryn Orok

    I use it on clothing and quilts!

  • me

    I’ve used binding on bags, quilts and clothes.
    orders (at) youmansfamily (dot) com

  • Jillian

    little girls dresses :)

  • Carla

    On quilts!  What beautiful binding that is!

  • I’ve used binding on bags and clothes. Thank you!
    ninusikbel@hotmail dot com

  • Mellow Puff

    I’m knew to sewing and going to be having a first go at quilting with a mug rug for my desk, so, pretty binding for that that would be fab.

  • Em

    skirt bottoms and sleeve openings

  • hueisei

    Thanks for the generous giveaway!
    Well I bind it to the side of wallet…
    cheers: hueisei(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Jocelyn

    Great giveaway!  The only way I have ever used Bias tape is on binding a quilt. Thanks for participating in SMS Giveaway.

  • Shannon Gates

    Thanks.  I hemmed a bonnett for my niece in Bias tape recently

  • Anaeosviraventos

    I use it on clotheing and baby bibs!

  • FabricDonkey .

    Oooh, they look gorgeous! I use bias tape to bind my quilts. 


  • Jessy

    Ooo, I would love to win this! Not only would it save me from burning my fingers making my own tape, but who doesn’t love either of those fabrics? I use bias (and non-bias) tape for quilts, aprons, hot pads, oven mitts, purses – you name it!

  • Laura

    I use it for my quilt bindings

  • cheri gould

    Aprons, and I am going to make some Tutus soon that I think will need BT for the waistband!

  • Tanyia

    I am pretty new to sewing, so far I have used bias tape on quilts, pot holders, and pillow case dresses thanks for the chance!

  • bdoody11

    I use bias tape around the edges of baby bibs!

    bdoody11 at yahoo dot com

  • Kate F.

    What an awesome giveaway.  I have never used bias tape, but I am making an apron right now that calls for it in a few steps. akmajor (at) gmail (dot) com

  • What a great idea for an etsy shop! I love sewing but cutting bias tape is not one of my favorite aspects! I use it on quilts mostly but also to finish kitchen items.

  • Melissa

    wow what a good idea, I love bias tape, but still haven’t figured out how to properly cut it. I’m slowly learning quilting. Off to check out your shop.

  • foolishfeathers

    I LOVE bias tape!  I use it on a lot of sewing projects; quilts yes, but also the edging to children’s clothes, adult clothes and church costumes.  What a fun giveaway!

  • Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts

    I’ve never used bias tape- only made my own binding so I would love to win and give it a try! Thanks for the giveaway. 

  • EmiliePelchat

    Potholders, bags and garments (like blouses).
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • amanda

    I just made my second quilt which was fun. and I’m starting to get into making some clothes for my 9 mos old daughter

  • Stephanie

    So far I’ve used bias tape on quilts, a purse and placemats.  I think it can really liven up most any project!

  • Ellen

    I tend tp use it on clothing. :)

  • Victoria_thwaites

    Bibs, Aprons and Peg Bags so far!

  • Deserae

    I use them for quilt binding!

  • Stephanie Granite

    the tape is fantastic! I use it mostly for binding quilts, small ones and large ones.  I’m planning on making some pot holders and mugrugs soon, so I’ll be using it for that soon too!

  • Jacy

    I recently made an adorable sewing machine cover with bias tape. I seriously wish I had some of this lovely tape to use on it though!
    thanks for the chance to win!
    jacy468 at aim dot com

  • Deb

    I use bias tape for quilt bindings – though I’ve also used it on hand-made clothing, and on tote bags.

  • Nicole Watson

    i haven’t used it – but i’d like to use in my art journals
    Cuuuuuuute!!!!thanks for the giveaway! email in profile or nicmowat (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Immesowhat

    I just recently found this shop on etsy and was so excited!!  I would use the bias tape to bind quilts!  This is a great giveaway!

  • Katie

    What a cool giveaway! I hate making bias tape, but hate the store stuff, so I muddle through it! Love this! katiefewell(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Shirley

    I’ve never used bias tape!

  • Radiya

    woudl use it to bind quilts


  • Graciejoscloset

    I use bias tape on baby blankets. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Theresa

    I would use it for baby quilts, love this!!


  • Brigette

    I’ve only been sewing for a year but I have used it on a tote bag and on an apron.  It really gives the projects a nice finished look.

  • These are nice! I use it for quilt binding and covering unsightly seams in jackets. 

  • I use it for covering seams.

  • Wendy D. P.

    So pretty! Quilts and bibs!

  • Dell

    I use bias tape on children’s clothes sometimes, binding for quilts

  • nina hudson

    I use it for quilting, though i have recently also been making dolls clothes and using it around the edges – it hides so many bad edges that way.

  • Sarah W

    Wow – I’ve only used bias for binding quilts.  I feel boring.

  • domestic diva

    Lovely!  Thanks for the chance.

    I actually haven’t used bias tape, but I’ve been wanting to make the leap….

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Melanie Ham

    nice giveaway!  great little shop too!

  • Mary Smith

    I have never used biased tape, but would love the chance to experiment with it!


  • Great giveaway! I am sorely in need of some biastape as I have some hotwater bottle covers to finish and they have been sitting her FOR A LONG WHILE! x

  • becky shanks

    I use bias tape on my daughter’s dresses that I make.

  • Melissa Blom

    Thank you for the giveaway! I use bias tape on quilts and baby bibs.

  • Lauren Lehman

    So lovely!  i use it on quilts.  thats so pretty!    (After reading the comments here, i’m going to have to make a hot water bottle cover, and use it there)

  • So pretty! I love using bias tape on quilts, pot holders, bibs and even sometimes on garments. 

  • Ashleigh

    None so far…

  • Stacy

    Very cute tape! I use bias tape on dresses for my daughter & on baby items for trim. Thanks for the giveaway! :-)

  • Peggy Middleton

    I use it on treeskirts that I made for family members last xmas, purses, and pretty much anything with a curve to it!  Bias binding makes the whole world a better place:-)  Thanks for the chance to win!as binding makes the 

  • Anne Carpenter

    Quilt binding, binding for tote bags or other items that need finished edging, and as trim.
    acarp [at] swbell [dot] net

  • Kerrie James

    I just sewed up a bag (a gift) and added bias tape to the handles… Always good for some color pop!

  • Ladybug

    I use biased bonding for any project I expect to get a lot of use. So all quilt but not things like wall hangings.

  • Lara Ratzlaff

    I’ve been making a ton of dresses for my baby girl and that uses a lot of bias tape! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  • Trish

    garment sewing, around neckholes, sleeves, or sleeveless openings.
    around potholders.
    as apron tie strings.
    blanket bindings.
    baby bib edging and ties.

  • Rebecca

    I have used some for bias strips for piping in my girls dresses lately. but I want to make some pot holders and stuff I with curved edges and I think that  i need to use bias tape for that.


  • Leigh

    I use bias tape on necklines and sometimes hems, and on to bind quilts!  I absolutely love your shop, I think it’s a brilliant idea!

  • Morgan

    Lots of bias tape for necklines, armholes, and especially finishing hems for my girls.  Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Liz Matson

    Yay for bias tape! I use it for piping.

  • amorette

    great question! i would love to know what else i can use it on, so i am browsing comments! i use mine to bind quilts.

    asdrexler at gmail dot com

  • Sarah McGinnis

    I use bias tape on apparel, usually tops. I’m perfectly happy to use bias tape on quilts, throw pillow covers, etc. but I usually end up making straight tape for these projects.

  • Rachel Fessler

    I use binding on quilts.

  • Rebecca Hagan

    I use bias tape on my quilts.  I have some quilts that I really need to finish and this would work perfectly.   Thank you for the opportunity to win this.

  • Meagan

    I use bias tape for my aprons! :) I want to win this one!!!  Thanks for the opportunity!

  •  I would def use this on a wall hanging or maybe on a bag. What a great idea. I have to run and check out your Etsy Shop. Thanks for sharing.

  • I would use it either for a skirt.. perfect for some solid colour :) or for a quilt which has a lot of more solid colours so the tape will pop out :)

  • bethany

    I would use it for quilts, which is what I really love to do!!

  • Rachael

    I usually use it for purses but I’d love to make my first quilt!

  • I use it for some clothing and for quilty type projects.

  • tia

    I use them on dresses!
    mtrand2 at gmail dot com

  • patricia

    first of all, what a brilliant idea – making and selling bias tape.  bravo.  truly.   and, i use it for quilting and on dresses.  thanks for the great giveaway. 

  • Lynn McMahon


  • Xerxia

    I love bias tape for the necklines of little dresses and pajama tops (especially in fun contrasting colours!)

  • Ramona

    I use it on aprons, quilts, table runners, potholders etc.  Such pretty binding.
    ramona _murray at comcast dot net

  • Krystal

    I use binding for quilts and for hems of skirts.  Oh, I just saw someone’s comment of a potholder…great idea. 4mrsgaskell{AT}gmail{DOT}com

  • Serena

    I use it on projects that don’t even call for it! For instance, if a pattern has a facing, I’ll replace it with a bias binding. I LOVE bias binding and make it as often as I can! Thank you for the giveaway! serenakate at gmail dot com

  • Jocelyn

    I am going to start a new quilt and would use it to add some cute color to that!

  • I’ve used bias tapes on quilts, bags, and clothes.  They’re very useful things.  But yours are really pretty.  

  • Jessica

    I’ve never used biased tape, but have been dying to try it out. This will get me started!

  • Jeannette Day

    Bibs, bags, quilts, clothes… ANYTHING!

  • quilts!!

  • nadila

    Quilt and revisable tote.

  • Tanya

    Gorgeous!  I just made a bandana the other day for my daughter and used bias tape for the edge!

  • Jagels

    quilts quilts and aprons. thanks. 

  • Lori

    Such a generous giveaway! Thanks for the chance! I’ve just started quilting, so that’s my main need right now.

  • Jenny

    I use it for quilt bindings.

  • Phoebe Harrell

    quilts.  lots of quilts.

  • Jennifer

    quilts, skirts, I made nightgowns for my girls this spring and used bias tape everywhere on them! only seams were the sides and shoulders. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Mennikelly

    I think I used it on a pillow I made when I was 10, but not since.

  • Lindsay F

    I honestly have not yet used bias tape. I have only been sewing for a year or so though.

    lindsay.forgette at gmail dot com

  • Amt

    Mostly aprons, skirts and bibs. Thanks for the chance.

  • Melissa

    I love trimming bags and latest is cloth napkins!!

  • Sandi Price

    Trims and small curvy pieces of applique – like stems on flowers.

  • Jessicaknits

    I like to use tape on placemats! thanks for the giveaway!

  • Michelle Balletti

    I’ve never used bias tape before but am always willing to try something new :-)

  • Barbara

    I do anything not to hem, so I use bias tape to finish edges on my daughters clothes

  • Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys)

    Wow wow wow those tapes are pretty!  I am not the best seamstress around, but I have used bias tapes on fabric placemats, bunting and on pillowcase dresses.   :)

  • Sandy

    I use bias tape on placemats and bunting.

  • togle

    I use it on irregular shaped quilts and placemats.

  • Laura

    I like to use bias tape on minky baby blankets.

  • Barbara Colvin

    I used to use bias tape for binding the edges of necklines and armholes in clothing, but now I use it for binding quilts and applique.

  • RedZ Shadow

    I use bias tape for quilts and also bags. I like to use it when I am making a lined bag that way there is not flipping inside out.

    redzshadow at gmail dot com

  • I love to use bias tapes that don’t (technically) match to trim my daugther’s skirts and dresses.  I love the color pop, and yours are lovely! 

  • Valerie

    Wow – these are so cute!  I would use this for a bag, most likely!

  • Elflyn

    Wow gorgeous!
    I would use some to hem some little boy pants.


  • I use it on potholders, aprons, pillows, bibs……

  • Carrie

    I like using bias tape on my daughter’s dresses and on pillowcases. 

  • grace

    I have used it on a skirt, a pillow, and a cape!

  • Esther Pawliw

    I just started sewing last weekend, but so far I’ve used home made bias tape on 2 hot pads!

  • Crystal

    quilts, bibs, I am making vests that I will need to make binding for it. Anything I want a pretty edge on1 :D

  • Quilts and placemats!

  • Ikkinlala

    Quilts and bags, mostly (I love the second prize and if I won it I’d need to think of something really special to make).

    ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

  • Fern

    I love to hem skirts and outfits for me or babies or little girls with fun bias tape! fernsfrocks [at] gmail [dot] com

  • I really just make clothes right now, but I actually look forward to making piping with some bias tape very soon. Accents on clothing with bias tape and piping are really standout to me. Thanks!

  • Taswege

    I don’t think that I can buy plain generic bias tape anymore! I make my daughter clothes from Japanese pattern books. Bias tape is a lovely feature on a lot of these.

  • Jenelle Clark

    I currently make and use bias tape for tabs and handles on little zipper pouches, although with some really nice bias tape like this I might decide to make a fancy item of clothing and finish the seams with some to make it extra special. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Joyce

    I use bias on aprons, potholders, jumpers, and nightgowns.

  • deborah

    oooooh i love these!

    i use bias on kid’s and doll clothes… also aprons, pouches, etc!

    thanks so much for the chance to win.

  • Ashley Scarborough

    i love using bias tame on dress hems.

    rascarborough (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Chacoy

    Oh I love the Full Moon Polka Dots!!!
     I used bias tape for some hair accessories, thank you so much for the opportunity!

  • amy dame

     oh wow! your bias tape is gorgeous!

    i actually try to avoid using bias tape at all costs, because i hate how cheap the typical bias tape looks and feels. however, i recently made bias piping for an apron, and then bias binding for a quilt, and now i’m converted! i LOVE how fabric acts when it’s on the bias, and how the print changes.

  • Cass

    Don’t be too shocked but I’ve never used it!  I am brand new to sewing and was too scared by the tutorials to make my own bias tape.  I’d love to use some of yours.  It looks fantastic!
    Have a great day!
    *waving hello from Australia*

  • Larissa Pelc

    I’ve never actually used bias tape yet, but in looking at projects I want to do, I’ve noticed that I’m going to need it and I’m too nervous about it to make my own!

    larissaesq at gmail dot com

  • Libbyjones

    I used it for binding on small fabric art projects, like to bind the pages of a fabric book.  I have also used it to scrunch up and make flowers, and in a crazy quilt.

  • Willa Mcneill

    Frequently use bias binding on my small bags and accessories. Actually, I go thru spells of using it lots and then using other solutions

  • Bunchofbees

    Actually..I have never used bias tape because I’m pretty new to sewing…but  would love to learn!
    bunchofbees at gmail dot com

  • Karen Peachey

    I use bias tape to make bunting, bind quilts & hem alittle girls skirt!

  • I am not inventive… apron/potholder edgings/neckties, and quilt bindings.  I’m tempted (and certainly will if I win this, because that’s Cuter Than Your Average Binding) to put it around a burp cloth to fancy it up a bit!

  • Delainaj36

    I use bias tape on dresses and I absolutely love this!  Great blog!

  • Alli

    I’ve used bias tape on bags. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Heatherkojan

    I’ve only reallly used bias on quilt binding, but love the look of it on bags.

  • Kiki_fairy

    On bags, quilts, bibs, clothing… there is just so much you can do with bias tape.

  • Lisa

    Bags, aprons, quilts,bibs! So many uses for bias tape!

  • Kelly Rachel

    Oh I LOVE bias tape because I really detest having to make it myself! I use it on quilts, clothes and bags, as well as other projects – for example I recently used some on a wallet I made for myself! Happy Giveaway Day!

  • Kathy H

    I use bias tape on quilts with rounded edges.

  • Annie

    I love making quilts, but I also recently made a beautiful quilted table runner that I used some wonderful bias tape for.  I think I would use your bias tape for something fun like place-mats, or maybe another table runner for summer!  thank you!!

  • Kay

    Lovely fabrics. I’m really enjoying finding all these sites today. Thanks so much! Most bias tape I buy end up on bags or cushions the odd skirt.

  • ChickadeeQuilts

    TOO EASY! I use them on clothing, quilts etc… :) I just had to make some yesterday for a girl’s top!

  • Streetheartsandiego

    wow Im so glad I came across your blog! i cant wait to look around! And what does ECB mean? Thanks for the chance!

  • ashley

    I’m a beginner so I haven’t used bias tape yet.

  • Mcghol

    Doll quilt, kimono top for baby, skirts galore… Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  • Robyn G

    I use bias tape on quilts mostly. But I tend to use it on things that would be hard to sew, then turn right side out.

  • Jenny

    Haha, I use bias tape on anything that needs a hew, because I despise hemming things! Thanks for the chance to win!
    okiedokiemama at yahoo dot com

  • Amy_kirchhoff

    Thanks for participating in the giveaway week. This one is fabulous! I use it on my daughter’s dresses.

  • Narniamum

    I just used bias tape to make a bunting :) Thanks for the chance!

  • Catherine Alley

    Gorgeous fabric choices for the bias tape!I’m brand new to sewing and loving it so much. I would love to build my stash b/c right now I have to buy fabric and thread and everything for each and every project.

    I have made one baby quilt and plan to make another next, so I’d use this bias tape for that.Thanks for the generous giveaway!catherine(dot)alley(at)gmail(dot)com

  • I use it for dresses, hems, quilt bindings, and bunting!

  • I use bias one kimono PJ’s and blankets! Thanks for the chance!

  • Ly

    I will use these for quilt bindings. so fun and cheerful — thanks for the chance to win!



  • isabelfreire

    quilt bindings :)
    count me in please:)))

  • Leah Claire

    I use bias tape on aprons and doll clothes. Love yours! leahclaireh(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Wamber_the_Panda

    I typically use bias tape for projects like garment sewing.. a ton of the patterns call for bias tape to finish up the neck and armholes. I prefer straight grain bias tape for quilting, but I have used it in a pinch when I’m wanting to finish up the project quickly. I have to say though, I absolutely love your product offerings! My beef with the storebought bias tapes is that they are only solid colors and they are not 100% cotton!

  • MJ Mayer

    I love finding things to put bias tape on for my daughter’s clothes. i’ll even add ruffles just so I can bias-finish the edges of the ruffles for a unique look! 

    sweetwatercloth at gmail dot com

  • melissa

    I’m just starting to learn quilting, and it seems to me that beautiful tape would be really useful. 

  • melissa

    oops! posted twice by accident. Please disregard/delete this post.

  • I’ve used bias tape on a skirt hem and dress hem for my daughter. Just bought some to make an apron-style bib for my baby boy. Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Holly Underwood

    Lately I’ve used it on pillowcase dresses, a mug rug, and a few banners. I love using custom fabrics that match the project!

  • Karen Campbell

    Thank you so much for a generous giveaway and the chance to win it! I use bias tape on almost everything! Quilts… placemats… pot holders… mug rugs… dresses….

    krencamp (at) gmail (dot) com


  • Jackie W.

    I am a beginner but I like to use it on dresses and would love to use it when i finish the quilt I’m working on

  • Monicathedove

    I’ve used store bought and homemade bias tape on project boards, placemats, and of course the one quilt I made.  I love yours!

  • Carla G

    I use bias tape on mainly on bags.  I am hoping to soon use some on a quilt, if I can every get onto the pieceing of my first quilt…  Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Mindy

    I use bias tape on quilts, a couple of dress patterns for little girls, bags and bibs.

  • Tabatha Holtz

    I’ve used bias binding on skirt waists as well as hems, a lot easier than the traditional hem. I’ve also used it on quilted place mats.

    Have a happy give away!

    sewsister (at) rocketmail (dot) com

  • Lauren James

    I  use bias tape for trim around armholes and ties on tank style tops. trim on bibs and hooded towels, and on car organizers.

  • Hollie

    I use it on my quilts.

  • Elizabethafrost

    Quilts! All the time!

  • Sharleen D

    Well I have to be honest, I have yet to use it on anything but so want to try. thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  • ElfRenee

    I used it on a tiny quilt!

  • Robyn

    quilts and purses… also some kids clothes and projects, (vests, smocks etc)

  • Jeni

    Oh wow – very happy to have found your site!  I use bias tape on quilts, but also on potholders and aprons that I make for kids.

  • MissMary

    I need bias for my quilts, of course :-)

  • Amy

    To be honest, I’ve never used bias tape.  I’m just beginning to sew!  Thanks for the amazing giveaway!  amy @ gasudimack@sbcglobal.net

  • Nostephot

    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway! LOVE IT! nostehpot at gmail dot com

  • RobynK

    Apart from quilts I use bias tape on potholder and oven gloves.

  • Kellysmith

    Quilts, purses, mugrugs…just about everything :) kellysmith89@hotmail.com

  • Mari @ Choochmagooz

    Hmmm am I too late…can never tell the time!
    Love your tapes…favoriting your shop for later.
    In case I’m too late and all!
    I use bias tape in most of my tunics and dresses.
    I can’t quilt so it’s of no use to me there!
    Happy day and thx for sharing

  • I love homemade bias tape! I use it to line bag handles or the edges of skirts… all kinds of things.  I rarely want to sit down and devote crafting time to making bias tape though.

  • jbrgeternity

    Colourful bias tape jollys any project it encompasses adding the final touch of colour to frame and complete it. Childrens clothing benefits form that extra zing as does any quilted project, bags pot holders, tableranners pillows, quilts of any size or shape. Pretty invaluable stuff altogether.

  • Lisa Parnell

    Wonderful stuff. I use bias tape on children’s clothing and bags.

  • michele duffy

    yummy! i use bias tape on anything with curves–the last was a quilted jacket for my mom!
    Bacontheneggs {at} gmail {dot} com

  • Erin

    I’m so new to sewing that I haven’t yet used bias tape.  I’m willing to give it a try though!

  • Katy

    I use bias tape on quilts, mug rugs, aprons, bags… whatever I can LOL

  • Shelly

    I use bias tape for baby bibs and the necklines and armholes of simple frocks for my toddler. Your stuff looks 10,000x better than the boring ol’ Wright stuff from Hobby Lobby.

  • Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever used it, but I am imagining how cute it would be as the hem on a twirly skirt for my little one!  Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  • Melissa

    I use Bias on little dresses and on quilts.  Gorgeous bias tape too 

  • kt

    I used bias tape to make our Xmas stockings–just plain Jane stuff–how much more fun they would be with your bias tape!  Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Erin Thornton

    I use it to bind my new quilts – actually I have yet to finish one (soon I hope) and I also use it as seam binding in vintage clothing I like to make!

  • Dawn K.

    I’m a newbie to quilting and have not used bias tape… but I’m sure to!

  • Ng Lay Yen

    Wow ! Nice bias tapes. I would use them on quilts and bags. Thanks for the giveaway ! joyenwen(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)sg

  • Helenhsin

    I could make this Tape Tote from Martha Stewart!


  • lesleyandsara

    i use bias tape for skirt and dress hems, sleeve hems, draw strings, mug rugs, buntings and millions of other things!
    phillandlesley at msn.com

  • Becker Olga

    To finsih necklines and hems on my daughter’s  dresses. Thank you.

  • Jessica

    My favorite project using bias tape is a Cart Caddy:
    Last year I made these as Christmas gifts for about half of the women on my gift list.  I had soooo much fun coordinating the two fabrics and bias tape.  But that was all before I discovered handmade bias tape, so just imagine what I could do with some of your bias tape!


  • Marij4

    I use it on pillowcase dresses, potholders, and whatever project I may be working on. You have a great shop and wonderful bias tape options. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Pam

    To this point I have only used it to bind quilt projects.  I’m getting lots of ideas here though.

  • KERI S.

    Are you kidding?  That is very generous of you!!!!  I use it to bind quilts and placemats.  But I;m sure you could use it on the collars around shirts too!  I’m sure you could use it on a lot of edges to things!  Thank you!  KERIHAG at YAHOO dot COM

  • Renae Micchia

    Everything! I like to make simple blankets for my daughter to use during nap time and I use binding tape to finish the edges.  

    rmicchia at gmail dot com

  • Jansie

    Hi there, what a cute shop!! Thanks for the chance to win. I use bias tape on quilts, mug rugs, purses, everything. :) 


  • Ladubois

    I use it on pillowcases, mug rugs and pot holders.

  • I use it for quilt binding, mug rugs, baby bibs… lots of things!  Thanks for the chance to enter :)

  • Calikisses17

    I recently made a pillow with bias tape around the edges :)

  • Mirella Prado

    I don’t quilt often, but I used bias tape on a dresden plate block that became very nice! This makes me want to quilt more! :)

  • Karin

    I am making scads of potholders for gifts and bias tape is ideal!

  • Besides quilts, I have used bias on little girl dresses, potholders, aprons, and bunting. Love it almost as much as ricrac.  vicmil at aol dot com

  • Night Owl Quilts

    I use bias tape on my quilts! Yours look beautiful!

  • EmGabs

    I have used bias tape on some of my son’s bibs and plan to make some pot holders and a table runner for my kitchen next.

  • Kari

    I’m a new sewer so I haven’t used bias tape yet… I’m wanting to learn though!

  • Nancy Sue

    My 3 yr old son has adopted my old (circa 1973) felted cowboy hat. Through many washings is now resembles more of a Pappa Bernstein Bear look. The cheesy silver trim is finally deteriorating, so I’m going to try some binding to finish off the edge. I’ve also been doing several potholders to get my brain around several mitering techniques used in blog tutorials.

  • Katz Gali

    used it on a table runner for my m-i-l.
    what a  great giveaway!:)katz.gali(at)gmail.com

  • S Law

    I have never used bias tape before. I love the polka dots, it would frame lots of things very nicely! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  • Judith

    Cute, cute, cute!  I have used bias tape mostly on quilts but when younger  bias tape was used for hemming dresses.  thanks for the chance to win.

  • Karyn

    I feel like I use it everywhere! Quilts, Nursing Covers, Baby Bath Towels….it just adds such a nice, finishing touch! LOVE the items you picked for the giveaway! Polka Dots & Teal/Turquoise….Life is good!

  • Yi Yein

    I used bias tape on my project of placemat made during my school times.  Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Louback

    Yay! such pretty bias tape. I want to win because I have never used any~ don’t sew but I bet I could whip up some cool rolled fabric flowers……..


  • Sue D

    I use bias tape on quilts.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  • Irina

    Hello! Mostly on quilts, butsometimes on dresses for my little girl. thanks for the chance!

  • Erin Hutchinson

    I use bias tape on quilt borders usually, and just recently used some on a nightie for my niece. I gotta say, I hate making it, though. What a treat it would be to WIN some!

  • Carlij

    I love the bias tape, these would be fun to use on my wall quilt projects!