I've been learning embroidery recently, and it's a lot easier than I expected. I've done cross-stitch since I was a kid, so this is really just an extension of those skills. This free pattern can be found here.


It's fun to learn different kinds of stitches. The hardest part for me is the lack of instructions; you can really do whatever you want in embroidery, and I don't know what I want! I'm so used to cross-stitch instructions where I'm told exactly what to stitch where. This is turning out to be the hardest part of embroidery for me, but it's still really fun!

Happy Anniversary, darling. We've been married 28 years in dog years, which is funny because it only feels like 27! (Haha!) I love you and can't wait to see what this next year brings.

CVS, Week of 7-3

I think I’m finally caught up on all of my CVS posts! Woohoo! This week I bought:

  • 1 Always Infinity, $3.99 with one $1 newspaper coupon and $2 ECBs = $1
  • 1 Oral-B Pulsar toothbrush, $5.99 with one $3 newspaper coupon and $3 ECBs = free

Net cost: $1. I also got my spring spending ECBs: $5! I think that’s the most I’ve ever gotten!

YTD OOP: $75.10
YTD Savings: $453.95
YTD eBay sales: $2.97

CVS, Week of 6-26

It’s been a very long time since there has been a good deal on bandaids, so I was especially excited this week. I bought:

  • 1 RepHresh tampons, $6.79 with one $1 internet coupon and $6.79 ECBs = profit of $1
  • 1 Bandaid box, $2.99 with one $0.50 newspaper coupon and $1 ECB = $1.50

Net cost: $0.51. Pretty awesome for a huge box of bandaids!

YTD OOP: $75.10
YTD Savings: $442.07
YTD eBay sales: $2.97

CVS, Week of 6-19

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a profit week, so this week was especially exciting. I bought:

  • 2 Colgate toothpaste, $2.79 each with two $1 newspaper coupons and $2 ECBs each = profit of $0.41
  • 1 Gain dish soap, $0.97 with one $1 newspaper coupon = free
  • 1 LA Looks hair gel, $2.99 with one $1 newspaper coupon and $2 ECBs = free
  • 1 Powerbar Bites, $2.49 with $2.49 ECBs = free
  • 1 GUM Periobalance lozenges, $15.99 with $15.99 ECBs = free
  • 1 Bliss chocolate, $5.99 with one $1 newspaper coupon, one $1 CVS mailer coupon, and $5.99 ECBs = profit of $2
  • One $1 ECB for my fourth bag tag scan

Net cost: profit of $2.51. Woohoo!

YTD OOP: $74.79
YTD Savings: $430.88
YTD eBay sales: $1.81