My very good friend Wren found out about six weeks ago that she has stage 3 rectal cancer. She has a husband, a three-year-old boy, a one-year-old boy, and a baby girl on the way.

Hexagon Adult Quilt 1

I made her a quilt to use during chemotherapies, surgeries, and really any time she’s a little chilly. Hopefully this will bring her and her family a little brightness in such a hard time.

Hexagon Adult Quilt 5

I used two Ruby layer cakes, Kona Cotton in Show for the sashing, and Bliss for the backing and binding. The backing is flannel and is so soft. I love that the fabric designers are a mother and daughter team (Bonnie & Camille). It’s kind of perfect. The pattern is Hexagon Park, slightly modified to be a little bigger.

Hexagon Baby Quilt 1

And, of course, I couldn’t leave out baby girl who is on the way, so I saved some pink from the layer cakes and made up a smaller version for her.

Hexagon Baby Quilt 4

If you want to keep updated on Wren and her family, her church is posting updates here, and there is a Facebook support page here.
  • Elizabeth

    Jenn, those quilts are just beautiful! I am sure they are going to be very much appreciated by mother and daughter alike.

  • Amanda

    Love how they turned out! Perfect for them to snuggle with. :)

  • Leslie

    what a beautiful gift for your friend…

  • Cheryl

    I am also trying to make a baby sized version of the Hexagon Park quilt. I am relatively new to quilting and am having a hard time trying to figure out how much fabric I would need since it will be smaller than the original pattern. Do you recall how much fabric you needed to purchase? What was the finished size of the baby quilt? Thanks!

    • Jennifer

      No, I’m sorry but I don’t recall any of the details. You could probably aim for a percentage of the called-for fabric, like half or 1/3, and that would probably be enough. I think each hexagon was a 10×10 piece of fabric, so you’d need 10 of those, plus enough for the squares on the border. Good luck!

  • Erica Guadagnoli

    those are both beautiful and very sweet. I love hexagons :)