Here are my next two Farmer's Wife Quilt-Along blocks.

Block 22, Corn & Beans. I wasn't looking forward to putting this one together, but it ended up better than I expected. I think I might actually like how it turned out. Haha!

Block 23, Country Farm. I love, love, love this block! It's such a pretty star, and somehow I ended up with the perfect color combination. This very well may be my favorite block so far!

My friend Amanda made some mini design boards for her Farmer's Wife Quilt-Along blocks, so I copied her and made some too.

The tutorials for these can be found at Bee In My Bonnet here and here. Such a simple tutorial for such a smart idea.

I used some Ta Dot quilting tape scraps for the edging. These are really going to help in laying out all the pieces for the quilt-along blocks, so I'm really excited to start using them!

I'm working on a table runner right now.

One side is going to be Halloween prints.

The other side will be fall/Thanksgiving prints. I figure no one ever sees the other side of a table runner, so why not make it reversible? Two table runners in one!

FWQA Blocks 1-21

I made a "design board" this weekend by nailing some batting to a blank wall. It definitely won't work for long-term, because any significant weight will tear it through the nails, but for now it's pretty nice to have a design wall. Here are my first 21 Farmer's Wife Quilt-Along blocks. I think I still have some rearranging to do, but I really love how it's coming along! This also makes it much easier to see how they go together; I definitely need a few more color-saturated blocks to go with the deep red block. Overall, I think it's looking pretty good.

Here are my latest Farmer's Wife quilt blocks.

Block 18, Century of Progress. I really like this block, but the color scheme in the book didn't result in a symmetric block when it's on point. I'm thinking of redoing this block to make it symmetric.

Block 19, Checkerboard. I only used two prints in this block to keep true to a real checkerboard.

Block 20, Churn Dash. I'm loving this color combination!

Block 21, Contrary Wife. I'm not super pleased with how this one turned out. I think the lines in the yellow print are making it look funny. Maybe I'll redo this one too!