You may have noticed I haven't been posting about trips to CVS for a while now. I actually have only gone to CVS three times since my last post in July. I had a few frustrating experiences at my local store that I didn't want to get into here, but it frustrated me and really affected how much I wanted to go. But enough about what I didn't buy, let's get on to what I did buy!

YTP OOP: $110.26
YTD Savings: $608.62
YTD eBay sales: $31.59

This means my net cost of everything above was only $78.67! Definitely not as good as last year (savings rate of 84.7%), but it's still pretty awesome. The jury is still out as to if I'm going to get back into shopping at CVS; our stockpile is nearly empty, so there's a good chance I'll be starting up again soon!