Still swooning along. I've got seven down and two to go. Hopefully in the near future you'll get to see a completed Swoon top!
Scrappy String Quilt Top by jenniferworthen
It's finally done!
Scrappy String Quilt Top by jenniferworthen
On a side note, this quilt top was too long for my fence. (Or is my fence too short for my quilt top?) Anyways, this is the back of my house. And I barely made it up there with a chair. Nevertheless, I wonder if I can get my husband to install something permanent for my quilt pictures.... ha! But I digress.
Pink:Red:Orange:Yellow by jenniferworthen
I actually had to buy some scrap packs in yellow, orange, and purple to get this thing done. Ironic, considering that the purpose was to use up scraps, and I think I ended up with more than I started. Oops!
Green:Blue:Purple by jenniferworthen
Despite the long wait and all of the hard work (tearing a million tiny strips of paper off the back of 42 blocks, anyone?), it was totally worth it. Because I love it even more now than I did when it was just an idea in my head.
For those interested, I made 11" blocks using Film in the Fridge's tutorial and parchment paper as the foundation. The top ended up at 71" x 61". Tearing off the paper took some practice and I ended up pulling some threads, so I had to use a 1/2" seam allowance when I pieced them together. This quilt top will be linked up at Stitched in Color's Scrap Attack Quilt-Along Festival, which starts on Monday, so be sure to check out all of the beautiful scrappy inspiration!
Lettuce by jenniferworthen
There's a bit of action happening in the garden right now. The lettuce is growing like crazy, so much that I can't keep up.
Spinach by jenniferworthen
The spinach is also huge and plentiful. Both of these were planted with my new method borrowed from my mom - sprinkle the whole packet on the ground and see what happens. Lettuce and spinach are surface-sown, so it worked out pretty great with zero effort. I can't recommend it enough! You can see some of the lettuce seeds ended up in places I didn't put them! I also have a surprise cilantro plant growing in the grass. Love it!
Strawberries by jenniferworthen
The strawberries that I bought last fall are still growing strong. I haven't done any coverings during the few hard freezes that we had this winter, so I'm glad they were hardy enough to take it. Lots of little berries are popping up. I'm not trimming any runners in the hope that they'll take over the entire garden bed. Who wouldn't want all those strawberries?
Seedlings by jenniferworthen
The plants that I started from seed mid-January are also doing well. I love how they always seem extra green when they're young. I'm hoping to get these in the ground this weekend!
March Dessert by jenniferworthen
March's dessert for the Dessert of the Month Club is a shamrock cake pop! I can't remember stitching with such bright greens before, so it was fun to get to do that. Plus, it's just so happy and cute!
March Dessert Progress by jenniferworthen
Here are all three months together. I love their little smiles!
TAST Weeks 7-8 by jenniferworthen
Weeks 7 and 8 of TAST were a little difficult for me. Week 7 was the lazy daisy stitch, and apparently my lazy daisies look like deformed starfish.  Haha! The conclusion of that experiment was to not make the center of the daisy one single point, but to separate is out a bit. Also, I had to use more than two threads to give it enough weight to lay down correctly. Any fewer led to even more deformity, if that's even possible. Week 8, the chain stitch, was easier. I tried doing a triangle, but due to the method of construction, this stitch lends itself towards slight changes in direction more than severe changes.
TAST Weeks 1-8 by jenniferworthen
Here are weeks 1-8 all together. The first ring of the color wheel is done! I'm liking it a lot. (P.S. This sampler is going to be huge!)
Also, a few weeks ago Diane asked about the marker I used and if it would come out of Aida fabric. Of course, I hadn't tested it, so I was a little scared to, but good news - it came right out with water like it was supposed to! I removed the ink around the inside diameter of weeks 1-3, which you can see in the picture. The pen used is a Dritz double-sided water soluble pen that I got at either Joann's or Wal-Mart for much cheaper than I see online.