June Cottage by jenniferworthen
I finished up my June cottage a bit ago. I love all of the strawberries and ladybugs. Definitely reminds me of June.
Cottage Progress by jenniferworthen
Here are the first six. Halfway done!
  • Amanda

    Love it!! It’s going to look so cute hanging up in your house somewhere. :) Now that it is getting cooler, I am excited to pick up some hand projects. I started knitting a shawl this weekend…and I am thinking about a possible cross-stitch project too. Now if only I had your speedy hands…I could do all of them super duper fast!!! ha ha!

    • Jennifer

      Lol, I’m not that fast! When I’m on a normal schedule (i.e. not spending every waking moment on research), I just spend a couple hours each night after dinner stitching in front of the tv. It goes pretty quickly that way!