Kawaii Winter Wonderland Countdown by jenniferworthen
All done!
Kawaii Winter Wonderland Countdown by jenniferworthen
I seriously love it. Minus a stitch that I'm missing on my partridge, it's all ready to be hung!
Merry Christmas everyone!
Desserts Stitch-along by jenniferworthen
All done! Here's my finished dessert stitch-along (pattern from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery). Aren't they cute?
Dessert Stitch-along by jenniferworthen
This was one of my first monthly stitch-alongs, and I managed to stay mostly caught up on it. It was fun to see everything revealed month by month! Now I just have to find the perfect frame for it!
Pumpkin Pie by jenniferworthen
Almost done with the monthly dessert stitch-along! Here's November - pumpkin pie! I like the dollop of whipped cream on top.
Dessert Progress by jenniferworthen
It's looking good all together. Only one more month to go!
Kawaii Winter Stitch-along by jenniferworthen
I've been working on the Kawaii Winter Wonderland Countdown from the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery lately. It's so much fun! It's a countdown of the first 25 days of December. Some of my favorite days are:
Spiced Cider by jenniferworthen
Day 15, spiced cider.
Milk and Cookies by jenniferworthen
Day 12, milk and cookies.
Pickle Ornament by jenniferworthen
Day 19, pickle ornament.
Yeti by jenniferworthen
 Day 21, a yeti! Stay tuned for the finish!
Sorry for the break there everyone. I got a little busy while I was finishing up my PhD. The good news is I defended two weeks ago, and I passed! I've got all of my paperwork turned in, so I'll be graduating this semester. Woohoo! I've barely had any time to sew over the last few months, but I did manage to keep up with my bee blocks.
October do. Good Stitches flying geese blocks. by jenniferworthen
For October we were asked to make flying geese blocks with fall colors. I've always wanted to make flying geese, so these were really fun to make.
For November we were asked to make square-in-square blocks in black, white, blues and greys. I'm really happy with how these turned out, and I think the final quilt is going to look awesome!
Winterwoods by jenniferworthen
A good friend of mine was kind enough to get me a Winterwoods ABC Sampler cross-stitch kit for my birthday a few months ago so that I could join in on the stitch-along. I'm really enjoying this one. Having little letters and motifs that are quick to complete give me a sense of accomplishment when I only have a few minutes to stitch. Plus, it's totally adorable!