Francie the Wishful Fox

The last few months of the Woodland Sampler have been absolutely adorable. July was Francie the Wishful Fox, surrounded by dandelions.

Pierre the Mushroom-Collecting Skunk

August was Pierre the Mushroom-Collecting Skunk. 

Woodland Sampler, August

And the overall progress so far. I'm really loving how everything looks together. You really feel like you're moving through the seasons as you look through the months!

  • Marieke

    The woodland sampler is adorable. I’m tempted to stitch this now, as soon as I finish the little Elements of Love pattern of theirs I’m doing.

    Which color linen did you use for this?

    • Jennifer

      Thanks! I’m using 28ct Coffee Jobelan. I think it’s looking pretty good with the colors in the sampler.