I finally finished my geese!

Marcelle Medallion Border 4 - Geese

Boy, did I have trouble with this border. The cutting and sewing of them required perfect seam allowances, which for me are about as elusive as Bigfoot. My individual geese were too small by quite a margin (almost a quarter inch on one!), so to make up for it, I sewed a very scant quarter inch when putting them together. And then what do you know... the row was too long! I just can't win! Haha. So I reduced the size of one of the rows by re-sewing some geese, and on the other three it was large enough to remove a single goose and extend the corner block just a tad. It's not perfect, but it's fine with me.

Marcelle Medallion Border 4 - Geese

I'm really loving how it looks with this last border. The third border was a bit bold, and this one tamed it down a bit. It's still a crazy color explosion, which is good because that's how I like it!

  • Amanda

    ha ha ha! Crazy color explosion! You crack me up! I’m glad you got them to work…looks great!

    • Jennifer

      Thanks, me too!